Let me start off by letting you know who I am here at Isos. My position is the Accounting/HR Specialist.  I wear two hats here and that is very typical in a small but rapidly growing business.  So what this means is I am primarily a numbers person.  Black and white, 1+1 = 2 and that makes perfect sense to me.  What that also means is I am not a writer.  I always wished I could be, but it’s just not how my brain to my hands to the keyboard works. I can think of what I would like to write, my mind can elaborate and write novels, but it usually just ends up coming out like 1 + 1 = 2.  Basic…

Isos employs a fantastically diverse and creative team and blogging is a part of our culture.  I of course have skated by having never written a blog in my 5 years here at Isos.  That was until someone had the wonderful (insert sarcastic tone here) idea for us to have a “Team Blogging Contest”. We drafted 3 teams just like a sports draft.  Of course the best bloggers were picked first and then so on down the line.  Can you guess who was picked last?? That’s right, yours truly.

Never having been athletic or into sports or competitive (or so I thought), I didn’t really care. Ok, maybe my feelings were a little hurt. But I secretly figured I would just continue to not write any and that was what was expected.

I was absolutely paralyzed by some strange fear of it being found out that I am not a writer.  Found out to be basic.  That paralysis was so intense, I ended up losing sleep over “what could I write about?”, “nobody cares what I have to say”, “I am the non-tech person at a tech company and I have nothing to write”, I would start blogs in my head that to me were fabulous. Then I would open up Word and stare at a blank screen… start typing and backspace, backspace, backspace… over and over…

I’m not sure what it even was that pushed me past the blank screen. Maybe it was the pressure of not wanting to be the only one not being a team player. But I finally said “I can do this”! I have overcome way more in my life than writing a blog. This cannot get the best of me!  I will just write a short blog about anything!! So that’s what I did. I just wrote.

… and then something amazing happened!!! I submitted my first blog, Week 1 Blog 1 was done and I didn’t melt!! It was absolutely liberating!!

Now I cant stop, wont stop!!

Our blog contest runs for 9 weeks, and so far I have submitted 1 blog each week, and 2 blogs this week alone!! Because even though I am not giving you tips on how to use Atlassian tools, I am giving you a blog, an opinion piece by me, the bookkeeper who apparently has something to say!