This is a guest blog post from Charlie Levenson at Brikit.

You have a piece of content, and you want to make sure it gets placed in your Memory Safe (your KB/KM system). If you’re not sure where it needs to go, here’s a simple way to determine where to place it.


Memory Safes can be quite large or small. The key to making them useful is that everything in the Safe is clearly labeled and indexed (for ease of searching) and placed in an appropriate part of the safe based on your site’s taxonomy (for ease of navigational discovery).

AN EXAMPLE: Imagine that your top salesperson has written a short piece about how to address the company culture of a key client. First step is a quick search, which doesn’t turn up any existing pages that can be modified or added to. So, first step has been answered–the content doesn’t exist yet.

Now, to find a place for it. They check to see if there’s a page in the space dedicated to the specific client where it could live. They find an area called “background information,” but don’t find anything about company culture, so they decide to make a new page. Permissions for the space are pretty open, but the salesperson decides that this “inside view” of the culture might be a little proprietary, so they reserve it just for the “Sales Team” group (and any management that also has access to that group). The salesperson puts the content there, asks another salesperson to take a quick look (and also confirm they can see it) and they’re done.

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