Isos Technology has been named one of the Best Places to Work by the Phoenix Business Journal for three years in a row. Though buzzwords such as “culture” and “work-life- balance” quickly lose their meaning through overuse, we recognize these concepts when we see them in action. What so many people see at Isos, what is recognized year after year, are the obvious things like flexible schedules and generous benefits. But there is also a culture of collaboration over hierarchy, a genuinely family-friendly organization and corporate-sponsored volunteering that contribute to this reputation. These are the very things often touted as important in attracting and retaining women in technology. 

 There is ample research proving that diversity spurs innovation and increases profits [1][2]. Workplace gender-equality, equal pay and technology’s specific gender challenges are much talked about… and rightly so. These are central issues with implications beyond any one corporation or industry. But right now, companies like Isos Technology walk the talk of collaboration, flexibility and inclusiveness. They value the contributions of the individual, not their ability to fit a mold. A great work environment for women starts with this philosophy and is furthered by conscious actions of inclusion. 

 Significant, lasting gender-equality largely depends on two things: (1) more women in leadership (2) more women joining technology. To realize these goals there are simple, but not easy, steps to that can be taken. Non-profit organizations such as ChickTech give girls in K-12 hands-on experience with technology and STEM that they would not otherwise have. Encouraging young women to consider STEM careers is critical work. These education initiatives, along with continuing support and skill-building for women already in technology, will improve growth and sustainability in the industry.

The need for skilled technology talent and experienced leadership grows more urgent every year. Isos supports ChickTech in their mission and thrives with its own agile, collaborative culture that helps advance diversity and innovation.

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