The Interface Phoenix 2018 conference was held in The Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona on June 15, 2018. Isos Technology joined the 12th annual conference designed to educate guests in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, information security, IT infrastructure and communications. With the new Europe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) many businesses have shifted their attention to their customers data security and further discuss it at conferences like Interface.

At Isos Technology, we lead our clients with security in mind. The Atlassian architecture is designed to align with several standards like Cloud Security Alliance, US Federal Law and International Organization for Standardization. We also control access to our production network through the use of a strict firewall, multi-factor authentication and encrypted connections. During our planning stage, the Isos team carefully identifies possible threats and ensures the proper security configuration and controls are implemented to mitigate threats. Additionally, our team works closely with our clients to implement disaster recovery strategies, so that in the event of a breach, companies can quickly recover and operate.

One interesting panel for the Interface advisory council was titled “Help Wanted: How to Attract and Keep Phoenix’s Tech Talent.” Panel members included Eric Diaz, Rachel Harpley, Melissa Mccoy and Cameron Kener. Becky Papp, the facilitator for the panel, discussed innovative ways to attract local tech talent in 13th largest tech talent labor pool in the U.S. Her first hint: One size does not fit all!

Here are a few other highlights from the panel:

What attracts tech talent in Phoenix?

“Relocation options, high property offers, big companies like Deloitte attract candidates” -Rachel

“You get to be part of something that is growing, we aren’t a Seattle, that’s already established.” -Eric

“Partnerships between organizations are creating a sense of community” -Melissa

How do we get the talent to stay?

“80% of employed individuals in Phoenix, would consider a new job.” -Melissa

“Companies should continuously innovate and grow; so the employees who are constantly learning do not get bored.” -Cameron

“If a person doesn’t believe in the product or cause, they won’t stat.” -Rachel

How important can culture be for a potential employee?

“Culture changes with every hire” -Melissa

“Companies who invest in diversity and inclusion, produce a double economic impact” -Eric