Many of the employees at Isos Technology are based out of the Headquarters office in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. But we do have other employees who work remotely across the United States. They reside in states like Washington D.C., California, Florida and Indiana. Even though many of us speak daily over HipChat or Zoom, there’s still a bit of a disconnect. We miss out on those small details that are passed on in conversations on the way to the car or when we go out to lunch.

The week of June 11–15, 2018 Isos Technology flew out all of our remote employees to the Tempe headquarters. We started our Monday like usual, with our SCRUM call. The only difference? Everyone was actually in the room. It was refreshing seeing everyone in person.


On Tuesday, our company had a yummy potluck in store for our remote peeps. Among the favorite was Allyson’s smoked brisket, Thomas’s soup and Thad’s buffalo chicken dip. After eating a few plates of food, and handling company business, the company participated in an Escape the Room team building activity. Quite scary for many of the introvert techies in the office, but a great time to work together, communicate and collaborate on getting out a.s.a.p! Team 1, composed of all the functional leads came in first place and escaped the room in 47:10.

Wednesday, we gathered outside for lunch at the Chef Wade’s Mac & Cheese food truck. We quickly went inside because the temperature in Phoenix was well over 100 degrees. We all sat together and indulged! Andrew chose the classic burger and decided to add mac and cheese inside of it. He reports it being “amazing.” After surviving our food coma, back to work we went. Meanwhile, we had mini Isosians in the office, spending their summer vacation with their parents awesome co-workers and helped tidy up the office. Later that night, the company split for dinner with their corresponding departments. The support team went to Gesha Go Go, the functional leads went to The Roaring Fork and the marketing and sales team went to Durant’s.

On Thursday, all the women in the company had an exclusive lunch together. Even though we do enjoy our male colleagues, there aren’t many women in our company and it’s important for us to come together and plan how we are going to take over — just kidding. That evening, the entire company came together to enjoy America’s favorite pastimea Diamondbacks vs Mets baseball game at Chase field. We all put on our favorite Isos swag and headed to the baseball field. Prior to the game starting, teams were formed and a very competitive game of corn hole transpired. We discovered that Trevan, one of our functional leads, is very good and wiped the competition.  And just like Trevan, the Arizona Diamondbacks won the game with a final score was 6-3.

The end of the week sneaked up us on and we all came together for our final SCRUM call. Many of our peeps had to fly back shortly after, so we waved and instead of saying goodbye, we said, see you soon!