Let’s face it…we’ve all had jobs that we’ve enjoyed, and jobs that have made us absolutely miserable. The reality is that a job isn’t just about the paycheck, the benefits, or the work itself. To achieve true happiness in your profession, you must also appreciate and respect the company values, your co-workers, and the work environment itself.
One of my favorite things about working at Isos is the relaxed and laid-back company culture. When the company was established in 2005, the founders made the decision to create an organization that thrived on autonomy, self-motivation, and a healthy dose of recreational team-building activities. I’ve had the opportunity to work at other high-tech companies where the culture has a similar vibe, and I think that this type of atmosphere has become fairly standard in our industry. However, I think Isos goes above and beyond in promoting a fun, laid-back environment, and here are a few reasons why:

Banish the Time Clock

From the get-go, employees are given the freedom to create their own work schedule and hours. There is no “punching the clock” mentality here at this company. If employees need a couple extra hours in the morning to take their kids to school, and prefer to work through lunch and into the evening hours, that’s fine. If a worker wants to work from home two days a week and hunker down in the office the rest of the time, that’s also fine. Someone wants to join a conference call from the city bus while juggling live cats? Totally okay. Just as long as you demonstrate productivity and a desire to get your work completed in an efficient and thorough way. Of course, there is always the chance that employees may take advantage of this loose structure, but we’ve been fortunate enough to hire folks who are motivated, disciplined, and focused. Which leads me to…

Find the Right Peeps

When looking for new talent we always apply our company values:
*Be Hungry
*Be Authentic
*Be Collaborative
*Be Generous
*Be Invaluable
In a nutshell, these values mean:
*Hungry: Embrace an entrepreneurial spirit that inspires personal and professional growth, and thrive on self-motivation and change.
*Authentic: Be honest, straightforward and respectful in every interaction with co-workers, clients and the community.
*Collaborative: Engage in proactive mentoring and be receptive to disruptive ideas. Connect with our clients, colleagues and community in a reliable, dependable, trustworthy and honest way.
*Generous: Treat Isōs as a family by being generous with your time and expertise, and forgiving in your attitude. Always look for opportunities to give back to others.
*Invaluable: Your actions should provide value and directly contribute to the success of our clients and Isōs. Have a personal commitment to the end result.
I cannot stress enough how sticking to our core values has helped our company. Our management has hired a great group of people who embrace all of these values, and work together in a successful, cohesive way.

Create an Inviting Workspace

As soon as you walk through the front door of our offices, you can immediately discern that you’re entering a relaxed, enjoyable work environment. A bevy of arcade video games line the walls. A sectional couch features two or three employees, who are furiously typing on their keyboards with their feet up. Our famous snack closet resides down the corridor, where you can find an assortment of crackers, candy, and more. You’ll find bikes, sports equipment, an Xbox, and a variety of TVs in the office. There are no ugly cubicles, sterile white walls, or suit-and-tie clad, frazzled employees at Isos. It is truly an inviting workplace, and this is because the founders have worked very hard to create such a space.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Isos makes a solid effort to promote team-building activities. We are very fortunate to have a crew that truly gets along and enjoys each other’s company.   The company also does a great job of hosting events that give employees a chance to socialize and build camaraderie. It’s kind of a chicken-or-egg situation, but I tend to believe that one reason we all do get along is that we take the opportunity to socialize and spend time as a team.
Aside from our traditional holiday parties (our 2014 party featured a dinner at an Italian restaurant and a movie at iPic Theatres), the company also recently hosted a pub crawl to celebrate Isos’ 10th anniversary. It was a great bonding experience and a nice opportunity to revisit some of the employees’ old haunts.   We’ve had food trucks visit the office to provide lunch for everybody, and one co-worker hosts monthly board game days on the weekends.   All in all, a real effort is made to provide workers with opportunities to socialize outside of work in a variety of enjoyable ways.
Anyway, I’ll stop with the incessant bragging about our company. If you can’t tell, I kind of love it here. I feel very lucky that I have the opportunity to be part of such a great team and work in such a great environment. Thanks for reading!