DynamoDB is Amazon’s version of a NoSQL database. Now normally like everyone in the Amazon web space you have to develop your application remotely… and every developer knows that developing remotely is a huge pain. Not only do you have to worry about network and speed issues, you also have to worry about racking up unnecessary costs […]

Several years ago, IT organizations of all stripes were looking for the perfect combo of hardware, software and experienced personnel (e.g., data scientists) that could help them harness the massive quantities of information being gathered by their systems. Big data was one of the most talked-about issues in software development and release. In 2016, big […]

Schedules are a fact of life for everyone, but they’re especially strict within the business realm. For software development teams in particular, plans deal out specific dates to turn in deliverables and guide on what tasks are supposed to be done within that timeframe. Under waterfall testing, the entire program would be released by the […]

  Testing is an art of making judgments and choices about how to evaluate certain features, what types of scripts to write and how these cases will be executed. Although agile test management can help teams accomplish all of these tasks, there could still be gaping holes when it comes to test coverage. These openings are […]

Recently, I’ve been using Gradle as a build tool and I have to say it is pretty amazing! It does so much for you with very little configuration. Some of things it does you don’t realize you need until Gradle actually does it for you. It is convenience stacked upon convenience. I’m going to talk about a […]

The market for startups has been red hot of late, and there will still be a lot of innovation and available venture capital in 2016 and beyond. For entrepreneurs with the next great idea, now is an ideal time to pursue that dream and create the product that follow in the big footsteps of game-changers […]

One of the less-hyped, but most important terminologies in modern software development is accountability. In the old days of app development, processes were divvied up and executed in vacuums. Different departments rarely communicated with one another, unless there was a problem. This siloed system meant that when an issue did arise, it was very easy […]