Imagine you are participating in a 3-legged race. You and your partner are struggling to win. In the end, you figure out that you two have to be in near-perfect synchronisation if you want to actually finish the race and win. Working as a team in organizations is not much different. Instead of just 2 […]

Hackathons have become more popular in recent years. Although the name may conjure up images of lumberjacks hacking into pieces of wood, a hackathon is actually an event in which people such as programmers, project managers, technical writers and others work through a set of exercises in a limited amount of time, with the intent […]

I help a lot of large organizations set up Jira Software for their teams because they love the agility of Jira Software. The teams all have unique perspectives, capabilities and use tools differently, yet their organizations have one thing in common – they want to preserve agility while reaping the organizational benefits of using a common process. […]

Automation has been one of the decisive innovations of the last 150 years. Starting with devices such as the cotton gin and the steam engine, many processes that once required tons of manual labor were streamlined to be handled by machines in the background. More recently, software has taken automation to an entirely different level. […]