5 Best Practices for Using Lucidchart in Software Development

If you count yourself among the nine million people who use Lucidchart, you have probably enjoyed our easy drag-and-drop functionality and compatibility across operating systems when you’re working visually. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out these

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Reduce Technical Debt with Diagrams

Here’s a hard truth about technical projects: non-trivial projects will accrue technical debt. It doesn’t matter how good your processes are. Over time, technical debt will grow until you are faced with the tough decision of letting the project die or actively reducing the debt.

And, as you make this decision, and diagrams will be your friend.

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Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity for Agile Teams

By definition, agile teams are cross-functional and self-sufficient—they include members capable of taking a project through every step of development, from inception to code release. With a diversity of roles—managers, developers, testers, designers, and ops engineers—working so closely together, timely

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