We here at Isos technology use Amazon Workspaces all the time in our consulting practice. Amazon Workspaces is a great tool for us for a few reasons: Windows / Linux based: We are a Mac shop. When we need access to a Windows desktop, Workspaces is a great alternative to running a local VM (that might […]

April 9, 2019 marked my first attendance at HDI Orlando. After arriving at the resort, I completed my registration and made my way to the entrance of the expo. Walking through the doors to what seemed like hundreds of vendors was as if I were walking into my first baseball game, making my way down […]

Isos recently attended the Ansible conference hosted by Red Hat at Nationals Park in Washington DC.  The topics covered during the seven talks ranged widely from general business reasons, to culture and different problems Ansible helped solve.  Here were 3 interesting takeaways. Automation is the Top Priority Every year Red Hat performs a study ranking […]

With the proliferation of the AWS infrastructure as code model, saying that a system follows a standard deployment model can be a loaded statement. True, the basis for the system architecture can be found in one or more standard models. However, the flexibility afforded by using AWS allows for a high degree of variation in […]

Everyone is familiar with the saying, “why reinvent the wheel?” We use this whenever someone is putting a great deal of effort into solving a problem that already has an optimal solution. We know it is wrong to waste effort this way. So why are so many IT teams okay with reinventing the wheel when […]

Game development is a perfect example of the DevOps model for software lifecycles. When done properly, game development is in a perpetual cycle of building, releasing, supporting and updating. All parts of the development, operations and QA groups must be involved for a game to remain successful. In general, game developers are a creative group, […]

Do you like baseball? Do you like learning about DevOps? Did you join Isos Technology for a day of DevOps and Baseball on March 16th? If you did, we would like to thank you for coming out and making the event successful. We hope you enjoyed yourself and took away valuable DevOps information from the […]

Agile operations paired with DevOps teams have changed the game for app development and what users expect out of their programs. Traditionally, software projects would take months or years to build and release. Because changes were expensive and time-consuming, users would often be stuck with initial available functionality – or lack thereof – until a brand […]

Relationships between developers, testers and operations personnel could be described as tenuous at best, even though they must work toward a common goal. DevOps has changed the landscape by requiring these diverse groups to get along and work together to create the best software possible. The problem here is that no section can command the […]

The barriers that once existed between teams under waterfall processes have been effectively mitigated with the rise of agile software development and its subsets. DevOps is one offshoot in particular that brings together development and operations groups to collaborate and push out deliverables quickly. However, getting DevOps to work is much easier said than done. […]