I recently had my first experience with modifying a shell script, and it was interesting. Now, everyone runs into those one-off tasks from time to time. They may not exactly be difficult, but when it is unfamiliar… that can add an element of difficulty, all on its own. Going through the familiar steps of researching […]

In the world of managed services we deal with a variety of client scenarios/situations. In some cases, the client may get “heated” and we have to do our best to mitigate and manage the situations to a favorable outcome. Sometimes these issues can be foreseen, but unfortunately unforeseen situations are unavoidable in our world. Here […]

We’ve been on-boarding more Technical Consultants lately and we’ve been improving how we introduce them to our technology stack. We had a need to have a learning environment for two technologies: Ansible – used on more and more of our technical engagements. We use this to deploy the Atlassian applications and more. Click2Clone – we […]

This is the third blog of a three part series. I debated on whether or not this should be Part 2 or Part 3.  If you are not willing to change your configuration without understanding why and how to use it, stay here and then read Part 2.  Here is my process: If you took the […]

This is the second blog post in a three part series on how I use Slack. I debated on whether or not this should be Part 2 or Part 3.  If you are not willing to change your configuration without understanding why and how to use it, jump to Part 3 and then come back here. For […]

In previous blogs I’ve mentioned how much we love Ansible here at Isos. One of the ways we develop and use our internal roles is via a Vagrant Multi-Machine setup. This multi-machine setup allows us to spin up multiple Atlassian applications locally, only bound by the resources on our Macbook Pros. The need to run […]

I have been obsessed with reducing the amount of noise I’m presented with on a daily basis. This includes: Not getting an Apple Watch… no matter how much I want one! All I see are people reacting to notifications. No thank you! Speaking of notifications, disabling as many alerts and notifications possible — on my […]

This post was co-authored with Bob Wen. “What is your name?…What is your quest?…” Monty Python and the Holy Grail A practice that most teams adopt from Scrum is the Daily Standup or “Daily Scrum”. In this timeboxed meeting, the members of the team, usually standing by a whiteboard with sticky notes or looking at […]

In a perfect world we would be able to predict the future for everyone. But alas, we live in a reality where this is most definitely not the case. In the world of client support we have to anticipate the future needs of our clients, as well as being able to assist in times of […]

During AWS implementations we’ve always used an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) in the public subnets in order to route traffic to the application instances in the private subnet. NGINX lived on the application instances. NGINX handled sending encrypted app traffic (via HTTPS) to the load balancer as well as handling the redirect of all traffic […]