Welcome back! It’s time to build the second part of the can dispenser. This was quite a bit more challenging to model due to the odd shape and the precision necessary to make this piece work with the spindle from Part 1. With that said, I’ve saved several waypoints so I can spare you the tedious manipulations that […]

We have the coolest office in existence!  Old school arcade games, TV’s everywhere, snacks, soda, beer!  I think the partners never want us leaving. But my favorite is our Makerbot Replicator.  For a year-and-a-half now I’ve been itching to try my hand at 3D modeling and printing. 3D printing isn’t necessarily new, in fact early 3D printing technologies […]

As a technical recruiter I spend a lot of time reviewing resumes for both internal positions at Isos Technology and on behalf of the clients we support. In my prior life, I was a technical manager with staffing responsibility for infrastructure support teams at several data centers in the US, Europe and Asia. As a […]

To all of our loyal Isos Blog followers out there, Ahoy!  I would like to extend my hand, and introduce myself as the newest member of Isos Technology. I am Lia Wood, Assistant Business Development Specialist Extraordinaire, and it is with great pleasure I join this company, these intellectual people, and this top-notch blogging group. […]

Last Thursday we had the Isos 2014 blogging awards ceremony at Salut in Tempe. In case you haven’t been following along, in 2014 we added gamification to the Isos blogs to add a little fun to what can at times feel very cumbersome. Take a look at these blog entries to get a little background. […]

Project Burnout

There is a thrill to starting a new project… delving into the requirements, discussions with enthusiastic business partners, new teammates, and usually something new, technically or procedurally, you hadn’t done before. That “something new and exciting” feeling that sparks jumping out of bed in the morning in a rush to get started and/or those late […]

Hey, where are the new blog entries?! “It’s already January 8th and I haven’t seen any new entries this year. Did I miss something somewhere? Did you make a resolution to publish fewer nuggets of verbal gold? C’mon man, I need my Isos blogging awesomeness fix! MOAR BLOGS NOW!!!” Don’t worry, exciting new blogs are […]

2014 was another great year at Isos. In fact it was our best year in our 9+ year history! We accomplished a lot this past year. Here are a few of the highlights: Platinum Baby! We earned our Atlassian Platinum badge this year, which is the top partner recognition from Atlassian. We had to take […]

Feelings… Seeing that screen pictured above, the way Google’s new Inbox represents a clean / inbox zero, makes me feel very, very happy. In the past four plus weeks since using Inbox I see that screen pretty much all the time. Seeing the screen above, a typical Gmail inbox view makes me very, very sad. […]

When tailoring your interview questions for a web designer or UX professional, there are a few key things to be mindful of. First, web designers are not developers. My compatriot Tad Fox and I have blogged previously about the differences between the two groups. The questions outlined here are examples of questions I have asked […]