One question we at Isos Technology are constantly asked about is how we get so much participation in authoring blogs. People scratch their heads trying to figure out how we are able to keep every member of the Isos team active in blogging in addition to their regular activities and obligations. At the end of […]

At the Code Day Phoenix event in November 2015, Isos Technology helped Co+Hoots Foundation* provide scholarships to girls interested in attending Code Day Phoenix. That’s a big deal for me, as I was inspired to pursue a career in technology because of a computer scientist I met as an intern. She taught me that the […]

When I started at Isos, I accepted a position becoming the only remote employee on the Atlassian team. While weighing the pros and cons of being remote I did a lot of online research. I found the standard recommendations of defining a workspace, setting work hours, etc. There are a few things I’ve learned since: […]

Everyone is familiar with the Aesop tale of the tortoise and the hare. The hare teases the tortoise, bragging about his speed, and how confident he is in ultimately winning a race against the tortoise. The challenge between the two ensues, and the hare darts into the horizon. After sensing he has a great head […]

One of the constant struggles in my business life is how to be productive.  I know how to be busy… I’m really good at that. But being productive is not the same as being busy.  The Harvard Business Review recently published an article on this very topic: The Remedy for Unproductive Busyness.  In my quest to be […]

As a Software Consultant, I have been on many projects. I’ve worked countless hours on these projects but eventually these assignments come to an end. No one works on a project forever right? Eventually the client ends the engagement or the project ends and it is time to move on to something else. But even […]

Let’s face it…we’ve all had jobs that we’ve enjoyed, and jobs that have made us absolutely miserable. The reality is that a job isn’t just about the paycheck, the benefits, or the work itself. To achieve true happiness in your profession, you must also appreciate and respect the company values, your co-workers, and the work […]

So, you spent a ton of time getting your resume ready for prime time. You found an opportunity with a great company.  You’ve updated your resume to include the skills and experience that speak directly to the job description and requirements for the position. The recruiter called and said the hiring manager has requested an […]

Time to learn! I’ll admit it — I’m lazy. Often times the hardest thing to do is motivate myself to learn new technologies, particularly if I’ve been busy or I have other obligations. It is especially hard if you’re not forced into it. I’ve heard people complain about not knowing the newest hottest frameworks and language features because […]

Greetings! Although I have worked at Isos for almost four years, this is my first-ever blog entry! I’m excited to be joining the very talented blogging team here at our company. A little about myself—I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, where I earned my […]