Hey, where are the new blog entries?! “It’s already January 8th and I haven’t seen any new entries this year. Did I miss something somewhere? Did you make a resolution to publish fewer nuggets of verbal gold? C’mon man, I need my Isos blogging awesomeness fix! MOAR BLOGS NOW!!!” Don’t worry, exciting new blogs are […]

2014 was another great year at Isos. In fact it was our best year in our 9+ year history! We accomplished a lot this past year. Here are a few of the highlights: Platinum Baby! We earned our Atlassian Platinum badge this year, which is the top partner recognition from Atlassian. We had to take […]

Feelings… Seeing that screen pictured above, the way Google’s new Inbox represents a clean / inbox zero, makes me feel very, very happy. In the past four plus weeks since using Inbox I see that screen pretty much all the time. Seeing the screen above, a typical Gmail inbox view makes me very, very sad. […]

When tailoring your interview questions for a web designer or UX professional, there are a few key things to be mindful of. First, web designers are not developers. My compatriot Tad Fox and I have blogged previously about the differences between the two groups. The questions outlined here are examples of questions I have asked […]

Continuing with the turbo install: I went with the Glowshift oil filter sandwich to hang the sender for my oil pressure gauge and feed the turbo (20mm 1.5 thread). Just make sure to use teflon paste and not tape to seal the pipe threads: Here’s the FM manifold and inconel studs before re-assembling after porting […]

After all the prep work over the months, I started to seriously debate what route to take with the turbo kit. Did I want to piece one together myself, or buy something pre-made (or some combination of both)? I’m not completely new to the process of piecing together my own kit. Years ago I put […]

This series of posts has very little to do with serious, technical content, but has a lot to do with fun.  I thought I’d post up my thoughts/progression on building up my 2000 Mazda Miata from last year: I started out wanting a super reliable car that’s fun and wouldn’t break the bank. Debated picking […]

Incorporating telecommuting into core company culture helps to create more adaptive and productive teams.

A glimpse at how one of Isos’ Atlassian experts became part of the Isos company culture…

How were the rules and scoring for the Isos blogs decided upon? Read on to find out.