Introduction I love friendly competition, because competition when done right is a great motivator.  In this blog post you’ll see how it’s motivated me .  I’m still pretty new at Isos, but I’ve been told that there have been several competitions revolving around generating content and blog posts. This spring we had a blogging competition […]

Intro Have you ever wanted to run Jira, Confluence or other Atlassian products in a jiffy so that you can test something without affecting your existing environments? This blog will give you the kickstart you need to get going. You should be ready to execute a few terminal commands and have a little sense of […]

Sometimes finding information becomes harder over time.  There can be too much information in the way.  Information can often be repetitive and even contradictory over time.  Furthermore, content will “age out” and no longer be relevant to the organization, such as meeting notes that are not useful past a very short period versus longer living content […]

Bamboo is a great CI/CD tool in itself and combined with the rest of the Atlassian suite, it is even more.. umm.. awesome. Let’s review why we here at Isos love Bamboo so much as over Jenkins (which, don’t get me wrong, we LOVE Jenkins too): Batteries Included: While Bamboo doesn’t have the app eco-system Jenkins […]

When it’s time to audit your Jira instance to search for areas of improvement or cleanup, the findings can be unsettling… and even getting to the findings themselves can be a pain. Going through your Jira instance manually, searching for schemes that can be removed or consolidated is not one of the funnest tasks a […]

Looking for a way to report on your Jira issues? Try EazyBI, it provides plenty of different reports to choose from. To mention a few, there’s the Issue Resolution Days Report, Created/Closed Datetime Bar Chart, and Jira Project Roadmap.  You can select from many interactive reports, tables, bar, line, pie, etc. Find more information on […]

Atlassian tools are extremely popular. Jira, the subject of this article, in particular is an invaluable way for teams to organize their work, collaborate on how to get it done and to track it to completion. Jira is incredibly configurable and can quickly become difficult to use or provide noisy reports when its flexibility is […]

The 2 and half years that was been Conflunece 6 Now that Confluence 6.13.X has been out for a few months  it’s a good time to take inventory of my favorite features introduced in the past 2+ years. The list of features and changes is quite substantial, so I’ll be only touching on a few […]

The three years that were Jira 7 Now that Jira 8 has been out for a few months (and the enterprise version of Jira is currently pegged at 7.13.X), it is a good time to take inventory of my favorite features introduced in the past 3+ years. Yes, it has been that long. Anyway, the […]

In a previous blog, I discussed all the fantastic ways our marketing department utilizes the Atlassian toolset to manage projects, organize documents and enhance collaboration. As I mentioned, Atlassian has long been synonymous with development tools, but many organizations don’t realize that products like Jira and Confluence can be used amongst business teams, as well. Here’s a list of five other business departments […]