This spring I had the pleasure of setting up Opsgenie for internal use here at Isos. For the unfamiliar, Opsgenie is an alert management system that provides the means for an organization to address notifications generated by tools they already have in place from a centralized platform. For example, if your monitoring system detects a […]

Introduction: I have spilled a lot of virtual ink lately on Bamboo (Atlassian’s on-premise CI/CD solution), specifically regarding implementing “build as code.” To be sure it is a great feature that we here at Isos believe all Bamboo users should consider, both for existing and green-field installations. However the Bamboo product team at Atlassian has […]

Does your team use labels?  Did you know that using labels to categorize pages and spaces gives you the power to: Group related pages that may not be naturally “near” each other without having to duplicate them Make the spaces more intuitive and familiar by associating pages with the same “key concept” phrases and words used […]

I love watching baseball. It’s relaxing, it makes sense (most of the time) and the teams that win are usually talented and resourceful. It occurred to me as I watched my Nationals lose again (when this was written they weren’t doing too well, I’m hoping they’re in a different position when it gets published) that […]

With the announcement of Jira Align, many clients are asking us if there is still a place for Portfolio for Jira.  Our response is a resounding Yes!  Don’t get me wrong, we are very excited about Jira Align and looking forward to getting some of our largest customers started on the Jira Align journey. But […]

Need some Advanced JQL for not counting time over a weekend?  Keep reading… A client recently asked for some advanced JQL magic.  I’ll admit my first thought was something like, “Jira can’t do that”, but in a flash, my next thought was, “Oh, wait – Automation for Jira can probably handle this!”** Scenario: I had […]

“Mom, when are you going to get fired?” I’m not the only working mom out there who gets to hear whining complaints from their kids that they work too much. My daughter, however, has skipped the whining and now just gets direct to the point, eager to see a pink slip of some sort. Um, […]

Last Fall I got roped into working on a SAFe whitepaper and webinar. While I had over 10 years experience with Agile, I had never really been exposed to large scale agile frameworks before. I understood some of the limitations with Agile as organizations grew, but I had never looked deeply into how to deal […]

Hello and welcome to another edition of Jira Gore. My name is Lianna Kong and on today’s post, we’re going to talk about field names. Usually unassuming pieces of Jira, they’re easy to build and easy to name. They’re just so flexible! You can name them whatever you want! And then I get requests like […]

After using Jira for awhile, I started to look at aspects of my personal life through an Atlassian lens. It started with maintenance and projects around the house. Any homeowner can tell you that there is always something else to do: replacing outlets, painting, taking down the holiday decorations… (I know it’s May, don’t judge […]