In early April of this year, my fearless leader Danny Riley and I traveled to Austin, Texas to participate in Atlassian’s Expert meeting. This was a chance for us to rub elbows with our fellow experts, meet some Atlassian folks, check out their new digs (holy view!), and enjoy some delicious Mexican grub! Naturally, there […]

We spend much of our work day either fulfilling routine requests or making requests of others, both inside and outside of our organization, that they would deem routine. Your daily work effort consists of processes that you either participate in or initiate. I can’t think of a better way to model processes than through Jira […]

Normally we prefer to use Nginx as a reverse proxy for Atlassian apps. But when it comes to LDAP/AD authentication, Apache is the best option.  Nginx is capable of forcing web-server authentication, but it requires an unofficial plugin. (nginx-auth-ldap) Obviously, for our enterprise clients, it’s not worth the risk when Apache has an official mod for LDAP […]

For those not familiar with the HDI Conference, HDI is the premier IT service and technical support conference in the ITSM industry. This year’s conference was hosted by Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. The Isos Team was asked to co-host a conference booth with Atlassian in support of Jira Service Desk. After three days […]

Here at Isos we have assisted many large and small organizations in their quest to insure they are in compliance with whatever burdensome imposed regulation they are subject to. These rules, be they internally or externally imposed, have always been a source of friction in teams getting whatever project being worked on done. In almost […]

WebDAV, just don’t do it It goes without saying that Confluence is the best wiki mankind has ever had the privilege of utilizing to collaborate. The  workflow of manipulating wiki pages on Confluence either through your web browser or via the REST/SOAP APIs is proven and solid. When we at Isos advise and train our […]

IMHO, the single most underutilized feature of Confluence is the personal space. BAM! There, I said it… With all the clamoring for application training for users, I wish we (the admin community) would get our users more engaged with features like this. Here we have a perfect example of how to encourage engagement with the […]

Atlassian JIRA

How do you explain Jira to a non-technical user? After recently getting schooled by my 9 year old… Me (beaming with pride): Honey, what is that you are working on? Her (looking at me like I have 3 heads): It’s a Venn Diagram daddy, haven’t you seen these before? As happy as I was to […]

Twilio + Zapier + Jira = VoiceTasks I’m not a big fan of voice messages. This is mainly because there’s typically some sort of follow up action I need to take… which I inevitably forget about. It seems I’m always listening to voice messages when I’m away from my desk and can’t easily create a […]

After having a look at the merging features in Stash, we will take a tour thru the configuration of Bamboo with regards to its auto-merging features. Configuration The auto-merge configuration in Bamboo is part of the “Branches” settings page. After checking the “Branch merging enabled” options, two options will appear for choosing the desired merge functionality. Branch […]