Jira Service Desk – ITSM Your Way  Did you know that Jira Service Desk has built-in workflows now that address some ITSM concepts? A quick tip: YOUR vision/version of ITSM is probably different than everyone else, so please don’t feel like you HAVE to change your process in order to adapt to what comes in the box. […]

Atlassian Authorized Training Partner Isos Technology

As anyone starting a new job can attest, training is by far the most necessary component to any position. You need to understand your function within the organization, and how to do your job effectively. Most of the time, employees are learning how to properly use software to streamline their responsibilities and keep track of […]

I love using Atlassian Tools. I started using them full time in 2005. Eleven years later, I still learn new things about the tools every day. They are continually evolving and improving. I learned my core skills because I’m used to being an an early adopter. I didn’t mind reading a bunch of documentation, looking […]

Training lies at the core of effective consulting. This applies to both the learning and instruction aspects. One must constantly seek out new training as a consultant to keep a keen edge on valuable skills. One must also be able to effectively train others to provide value. I’m going to address the “providing training” side […]

Atlassian’s heritage and success is largely based on having created tools that made it possible for software development teams to create better software. Yet Jira adoption is growing faster for projects that are not software development projects. Why is this? How can a set of tools that evolved from the needs of software developers be […]

Working with data is a skill… working with large data amounts is art. You understand this when loading a batch of data in Atlassian Confluence. You need to be an ingenious artist to cope with different data fields, format types and thousands of entries. And Confluence can be a great tool to collaborate on data […]

HipChat makes me happy. There are many aspects to HipChat that make it essential to any process. Once you’ve used it, it’s hard to adopt another avenue of communication. I’ve had the pleasure of being a user since it was obtained by Atlassian, so I’ve been able to watch it grow. From the beginning (well, […]

Have you been putting off the migration from Bugzilla to Jira because the built-in importer is missing data that you’re not willing to part with?  This problem has been lingering since 2011 with no sign of Atlassian love. Fear not, has you covered…let’s get it done! The problem is a misinterpretation of what fields are […]

Email is dead, long live email. No, you didn’t just happen to come across an archive copy of Internet For Dummies: First Edition, and yes, this is the year 2016. You are actually reading a blog post on how to compose an email for business. Look, we all know that email is on the decline. The “kids” […]

If you’re a company with a lot of complex processes and procedures, Atlassian’s Confluence can be a great way to store, organize, and communicate information. But there’s a downside too: it can get overwhelming. We’ve all seen that wiki page with massive walls of text outlining a process. It’s the page no one wants to […]