I have made it pretty clear to those who have cared to ask, Billy Joel is my dude. His brilliant lyrics, incredible talent with piano keys, and over all “cool” style have been my go to music since I was little girl. I can listen to his music and can find a song that relates […]

Wrapping an Atlassian application in a package with a nice bow makes it easier to install via a configuration management tool. Building an RPM was a pain until we started using FPM, the Effing Package Management (https://github.com/jordansissel/fpm). The README includes required packages and installation steps across a variety of platforms. Here is the command to […]

Hi Folks! Summit is here! Please drop by booth C4 (yes, like BOOM!) and say hello! It’s unfortunate, but I will most likely spend the majority of my time in the booth. I would love to absorb more of the sessions, but I can’t forget that I GET to meet so many awesome Atlassian users, […]

Next week I’ll be attending Atlassian Summit 2015 along with many of my Isos Technology Atlassian Expert cohorts. We’re going to have an Isos booth (C4), some really fun promotional items (our marketing team really crushed it) and I’ll be filling my brain with all the new knowledge from Atlassian. Every conference I go to, […]

What if you need to access a “private” API with Atlassian Connect?  The frustrating reality is that although API’s exist for Agile/Greenhopper, you can’t use them within your Connect add-ons.  So, if you need a list of Sprints,  you’re likely left scratching your head. Maybe there’s a better way than what I came up with, […]

ipso lorem or whatever Need Agile LC diagram Confluence Requirements Gathering Jira Issues- we all have them SDLC – Tools – Stash Jira – monitoring, release Jira Service Desk! Confluence KB (tie to requirements?)

Image Credit: Phil Dolby Product development work effort is coordinated to maximize value creation not land on predicted end dates I learned project management by working on software development projects. Early in my career I was taught that a project is defined as a work effort that has a clear start and end date. This […]

What’s “JAC of the Month Club”? Click here to find out! Wonderful spoiler alert: This blog post will be hopefully be mostly obsolete by the time you read this. The JAC issue featured in this post (CWD-3388) was recently resolved to be release as Crowd 2.8.4. However, the release schedule of Crowd is not as […]

Before I get into this too deeply, you really need to understand the context. There are so many Jira dudes/dudettes (admins) out there in the wild with little support. They are really my audience. It’s totally true, Atlassian puts forth volumes of information on their apps, which is awesome! However, I think in many cases […]

Atlassian JIRA

Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite A Teamer is, was, and always will be Hannibal Smith. It’s not just that we share a love of cigars and getting “all the things” done. I think it’s that he always seemed to convey a genuine passion and single mindedness in achieving his team’s objectives. You […]