This post will introduce Confluence Blueprints and how to build them using a simple example. As with previous posts on Atlassian plugin development–here and here–this uses the Atlassian SDK to develop a plugin (Add-On) that implements a Blueprint. Blueprints are a relatively new Confluence feature–in essence, they combine the power of Atlassian plugins with the […]

The Atlassian tools Stash and Bamboo allow users to configure auto-merging of source code. In my next two blogs I will give some details about this feature and discuss some pitfalls. For this demonstration I used the 3.1.3 version of Stash. Configuration The configuration of the auto-merge feature in Stash is as easy as it gets. […]

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Okay, this post has nothing to do with macramé and everything to do with Confluence Macros. Macros should be familiar to every Confluence user. They provide the rich content in the wiki that we all know and love. Macros are easy to use, thanks to the Macro Browser and the five different ways to launch it. […]

Even though continuous deployment is not part of Gitflow per se, we want to take a quick look at the tools Bamboo provides to allow for continuous deployment of application changes. Build Plan Setup Setting up a Bamboo plan for continuous deployment starts very much like the configuration of the plan we created in the previous […]

“Extra! Extra! Read all about Brikit!” From the company that brought us Zen, the amazing design tool for Confluence, a brand new plugin rolls out for the same purposes. This one, however, is twice as powerful and much more user friendly, making some of the more daunting tasks a breeze. Theme Press from Brikit is […]

If You Open It, They Will Come… with Beer When Atlassian asked Isos to attend their Austin RoadTrip and Launch Party for their new Austin office we said… “you bet”, then promptly purchased two Four Peak’s kegs, rented a Suburban, and sent part of the Isos team on the road to Austin. What else would […]

Zen is a powerful tool to help you get the most out of Confluence. Continue on to find out why.

Introduction Atlassian provides its products such as Jira, Confluence, and Crowd with useful REST APIs for tapping into the content and data of Atlassian products from external programs and scripts, augmenting Atlassian plugin development. In this post we will briefly look into the REST APIs provided by Atlassian and explore how to build your REST […]

The Atlassian tools family now has a true service desk solution: Jira Service Desk.