Working with data is a skill… working with large data amounts is art. You understand this when loading a batch of data in Atlassian Confluence. You need to be an ingenious artist to cope with different data fields, format types and thousands of entries. And Confluence can be a great tool to collaborate on data […]

HipChat makes me happy. There are many aspects to HipChat that make it essential to any process. Once you’ve used it, it’s hard to adopt another avenue of communication. I’ve had the pleasure of being a user since it was obtained by Atlassian, so I’ve been able to watch it grow. From the beginning (well, […]

Have you been putting off the migration from Bugzilla to Jira because the built-in importer is missing data that you’re not willing to part with?  This problem has been lingering since 2011 with no sign of Atlassian love. Fear not, has you covered…let’s get it done! The problem is a misinterpretation of what fields are […]

Email is dead, long live email. No, you didn’t just happen to come across an archive copy of Internet For Dummies: First Edition, and yes, this is the year 2016. You are actually reading a blog post on how to compose an email for business. Look, we all know that email is on the decline. The “kids” […]

If you’re a company with a lot of complex processes and procedures, Atlassian’s Confluence can be a great way to store, organize, and communicate information. But there’s a downside too: it can get overwhelming. We’ve all seen that wiki page with massive walls of text outlining a process. It’s the page no one wants to […]

Portfolio for Jira (formerly Jira Portfolio) is a powerful, and highly attractive add-on for Jira. Portfolio provides strategic planning capability to Jira. This is a huge development in the Atlassian community. For many years product developers and managers have had to maintain strategic plans and product roadmaps outside of Atlassian’s tools. With the new release […]

As promised in my last post, this one is going to cover a few settings that users often overlook. Jira Let’s start with Jira. First, select your profile icon in the top right corner, then select ‘Profile.’ You can edit a few sections on that screen, but the MOST important settings are down a little bit […]

Recently, during a painful Confluence instance merge/migration, I needed a way to address messed up space permissions.  We won’t get into why they were messed up, but a little better group alignment before the merge would have been helpful.  Anyway, there was no turning back and I needed to be able to fix spaces that were rendered […]

Last week at Atlassian Summit was a blur… but a very productive one. I posted my objectives for the summit before I left, so how did I do? Well let me tell you! I said I wanted to meet the folks I work with remotely, and I did that for sure. I had a wonderful […]

Great times with great people, here’s a recap of some of the best moments for me from Atlassian Summit 2015. Ecosystem Day: It was great to get to participate in this for the first time. The morning was a bit of a whirlwind as we got to preview quite a bit of the Atlassian content that […]