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Thomas Behlau combines powerful analytical skills with strategic decision making processes to provide client solutions as a Senior Consultant at Isos Technology.

As a seasoned software engineering consultant, Thomas Behlau is normally cast in the role of tech lead and architect in his consulting engagement. Thomas possesses a daunting list of skills as a software engineer. He has extensive experience in delivering enterprise and mobile applications. Thomas has been involved in and managed all phases of software development projects, from initial design through development, deployment and production support.

Beyond standard software engineering roles, Thomas Behlau has also produced and taught courses to enterprise clients. These have ranged from introductory OO courses to Java programming for RPG programmers to enterprise application server administration and best practices. Thomas brings this strong skill at mentoring to clients, leaving them with a solid understanding of the solutions provided.

Thomas Behlau applies the same thorough analysis and long term strategy to consulting problems as one would apply to an intense game of chess. His wide-ranging technical knowledge and strong mentoring skills make him a valuable asset to all Isos Technology's clients.

Posts by Thomas Behlau:


Atlassian Auto-Merging: Bamboo

After having a look at the merging features in Stash, we will take a tour thru the configuration of Bamboo with regards to its auto-merging features. Configuration The auto-merge configuration in Bamboo is part of the “Branches” settings page. After checking the

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Introduction to YUI3 Development

On November 9th the Chandler-Gilbert Community College held on of this years Desert Code Camp. I presented a short application development talk introducing UI development using YUI3. There is always a big discussion around the JavaScript libraries you should use

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Development of a Simple Portlet with Spring MVC

After we configure a well-structred Maven layout for our Liferay project, we will create a simple Spring MVC portlet. You may ask, “Why use Spring MVC and not extend one of the Liferay implementations (e.g. LiferayPortlet or MVCPortlet)?” It’s easy

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PUT and DELETE Requests with YUI3 and SpringMVC

YUI3 allows you to use RESTful webservice to synchronize JavaScript model data with server data. The implementation of a new YUI3 model is easy, and enabling RESTful webservices is just a matter of specification. The above code sample is all the

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Utilizing a Well-structured Maven Project for Liferay Development

Liferay recently added documentation on using Maven for the development of Liferay plugins. The full documentation can be found here: http://www.liferay.com/documentation/liferay-portal/6.1/development/-/ai/developing-plugins-using-maven. I want to go through a few issues I noticed when following the instructions to set up the Maven

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