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Ryan Peterson brings a practical approach to the development and improvement of client solutions as a Senior Consultant at Isos Technology. Ryan Peterson has acquired a robust toolset for delivering technology solutions in his work as a software engineer. This toolbox is filled with first-hand domain knowledge in software solutions for healthcare, education, and e-commerce. Ryan has stayed at the forefront of solution frameworks throughout these engagements.

Ryan's practical application of technical knowledge and his ability to take a dual view of solutions as both a whole and as constituent parts are hallmarks of his development style. He is able to break down a solution, optimize the individual components, and then re-integrate them to achieve results superior to the initial solution.

Ryan Peterson's finesse in the creation and tuning of software solutions has made him a powerful asset for Isos Technology's continued success in providing superior client solutions.

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Spring 4.2.0 Removal of installFormatters

This blog entry is about something I came across recently in a project I’ve been on. During the upgrade to Spring 4.2.0.release, the long-deprecated method installFormatters from FormattingConversionServiceFactoryBean was removed. This caused problems, as the project relied on the installFormatters

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