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Rodney West combines an anthropologist's instinctual understanding of cultural interactions and extensive experience in mobile and enterprise development in his role as a Senior Consultant for Isos Technology.

As a software engineer and architect, Rodney has delivered mobile and enterprise applications and frameworks to a variety of Fortune 500 companies. Rodney has worked with clients in education, banking, entertainment, construction, retail and mobile hardware. He now brings skills gained in these arenas to functional consulting.

Rodney West is a firm believer in the philosophy that one must first understand the culture of a company to properly meet its specific needs. It is this dedication to first understanding the ‘why' of customer requests that has made Rodney an effective team lead in his projects, proficient at interacting with all levels within client organizations.

The combination of social engineering and technological prowess Rodney West brings to all customer engagements has made him a highly successful software architect, functional consultant and core member of Isos Technology's services delivery team.

Atlassian Certified in Agile Development with Jira Software

Posts by Rodney West:


Removing DevOps friction from game development

Game development is a perfect example of the DevOps model for software lifecycles. When done properly, game development is in a perpetual cycle of building, releasing, supporting and updating. All parts of the development, operations and QA groups must be

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Jira Service Desk brings support agents and DevOps together

If you support customers in any capacity, you need a service desk solution. Your customer support team needs a good tool for creating and tracking tickets, guaranteeing SLAs are met and overall customer satisfaction and retention. As you are comparing

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Reduce Technical Debt with Diagrams

Here’s a hard truth about technical projects: non-trivial projects will accrue technical debt. It doesn’t matter how good your processes are. Over time, technical debt will grow until you are faced with the tough decision of letting the project die or actively reducing the debt.

And, as you make this decision, and diagrams will be your friend.

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