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Robert Hall applies his impressive research, implementation and support skills to customer engagements as a Senior Consultant for Isos Technology.

Robert Hall's development as a software engineer was built on a strong foundation in researching parallel and distributed systems over five years at Kent State and the University of Michigan.  He readily applied the skills garnered during this time to his career as a professional software engineer.

Over the course of the following fifteen years, Robert Hall worked in fields including telecom, banking, insurance and aviation.  The profiles of the companies Robert has worked with range from small startups to large Fortune 500 companies.  Robert has been involved in all aspects of the software development lifecycle, with extensive experience in design, development, release and post-release support as both a team member and team lead. With five years of software engineering research and fifteen years as a professional software engineer, Robert Hall has cultivated the versatility that is the hallmark of an accomplished software engineering consultant.

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Liferay Migration from 6.1 EE to 6.2 EE Made (Relatively) Painless

Introduction When using a portal platform/app server such as Liferay, major version upgrades are a periodic fact of life. Having a set of standard steps to follow in migrating from one version to another is essential in easing the process

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Liferay Tip: Configuring Remote Staging Between Isolated Servers

Remote publishing of Liferay CMS content is relatively straightforward when the remote (target) server is directly accessible from the source (staging) server. But what if the two servers are separated behind their own Apache instances and load balancers? A bit

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Introduction to Atlassian REST APIs and Building a REST Plugin for Confluence

Introduction Atlassian provides its products such as Jira, Confluence, and Crowd with useful REST APIs for tapping into the content and data of Atlassian products from external programs and scripts, augmenting Atlassian plugin development. In this post we will briefly

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Unit Testing Spring MVC Portlets

Unit testing has long been considered a critical part of the development cycle for Java developers, especially those practicing test-driven development or Agile methodologies. This should be no different when using a portlet framework such as Spring Portlet MVC.  This

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