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I'm an Atlassian Consultant and an Atlassian Certified Trainer at Isos because I love how Atlassian powers collaboration. I help organizations share, cooperate and collaborate in alignment with the organization's mission. That's a fancy way of saying I make this real by concentrating on the community dynamic required to make that mission happen.

I especially enjoy working with product development teams, helping find the right balance between the people that use new systems, and the machines that we use to build the new system.

I was raised an Army brat and love living in Phoenix Arizona. I'm married and have one child. I completely love sweeping generalizations.

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Delivering team agility with Enterprise governance

I help a lot of large organizations set up Jira Software for their teams because they love the agility of Jira Software. The teams all have unique perspectives, capabilities and use tools differently, yet their organizations have one thing in

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How to start using the beta “Live Plans” release of Portfolio for Jira V2 today

Dwight D. Eisnhower talking to the troops about D-Day

I’ve been excited about the new 2.0 version of Portfolio for Jira ever since I learned about the objectives of the release at Atlassian Summit. Last week I discovered that I’ve been using it for a few months now through

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Training your Atlassian Team starts by understanding where they need to improve

I love using Atlassian Tools. I started using them full time in 2005. Eleven years later, I still learn new things about the tools every day. They are continually evolving and improving. I learned my core skills because I’m used

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Why Jira is turning out to be so valuable to non-technical project teams

Atlassian’s heritage and success is largely based on having created tools that made it possible for software development teams to create better software. Yet Jira adoption is growing faster for projects that are not software development projects. Why is this?

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Code Day is great because of the focus on collaboration

At the Code Day Phoenix event in November 2015, Isos Technology helped Co+Hoots Foundation* provide scholarships to girls interested in attending Code Day Phoenix. That’s a big deal for me, as I was inspired to pursue a career in technology

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Understanding what Product Managers do is critical to understanding how Portfolio for Jira delivers value

Portfolio for Jira (formerly Jira Portfolio) is a powerful, and highly attractive add-on for Jira. Portfolio provides strategic planning capability to Jira. This is a huge development in the Atlassian community. For many years product developers and managers have had

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Product Development Projects only end when they stop delivering value

Image Credit: Phil Dolby Product development work effort is coordinated to maximize value creation not land on predicted end dates I learned project management by working on software development projects. Early in my career I was taught that a project

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