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Justin Freeman blends extensive SDLC experience, problem-solving skills and client service skills into his role as a Senior Consultant at Isos Technologies.

Justin Freeman honed his skills with a dedicated computer science education combined with a unique emphasis on economics and business. This blending of different skill sets gives Justin tremendous insight into the business aspects of software development. Justin incorporates a holistic approach in the delivery of client solutions, considering client ROI and economies of scale in addition to what is technically sound. In addition to solving immediate client issues, Justin Freeman's software solutions are designed and implemented with careful consideration of post-engagement software costs in the areas of scalability, reliability and maintenance.

Justin Freeman has spent the last 12 years as a Java developer in building client solutions for healthcare, automotive, software services, construction, e-commerce and semi-conductors companies. The work in these industries has allowed Justin to amass domain knowledge across a wide range of industries as well as develop a flexible development approach that allows him to provide high-quality, practical solutions across all customer engagements, regardless of the industry.

Justin Freeman's unique application of business and economic concerns to client solutions, strong software development skills, diverse domain knowledge and readiness to incorporate new technologies into his already robust development toolbox make him a solid addition to Isos Technology's client solutions team.

Posts by Justin Freeman:


Exploring Liquibase – Part 3

In my last blog, I showed you how to configure Liquibase using Maven. The last step for using Liquibase in a modern development environment is to configure it using Spring. First you need to configure your Maven pom.xml to get

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It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye – Ending A Consultant Engagement

As a Software Consultant, I have been on many projects. I’ve worked countless hours on these projects but eventually these assignments come to an end. No one works on a project forever right? Eventually the client ends the engagement or

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Exploring Liquibase – Part 1

In most web application development environments I have been in, you are always dealing with constant change whether it is the application itself, software tools or the underlying database structures. One area that has gotten annoying to me is underlying

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Spring TransactionSynchronizationAdapter – What is that?

These days Spring has so many things in it that sometimes you miss something. The other day I came across a class called TransactionSynchronizationAdapter, and honestly I had no idea what it was. Once I saw it implemented it made

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