About Adam Martin:


Adam adds over fifteen years of applied technology and customer interaction to the Isos Technology talent pool.

Adam spent a good portion of his career as an OSP (Outside Plant) engineer in the telecom industry, working on the implementation of telecom infrastructure. During this time he also maintained server architectures and websites. Adam was able to take this applied knowledge and telecom expertise into his role as a sales engineer, expertly running technical sales demonstrations and identifying the best solutions for current and potential customers.

Adam's strong skills in applying technical knowledge, identifying client needs, and overseeing complicated information architectures make Adam a solid addition to Isos Technology's Atlassian services group.

Posts by Adam Martin:


Confluence Page Restrictions with Python

Recently, during a painful Confluence instance merge/migration, I needed a way to address messed up space permissions.  We won’t get into why they were messed up, but a little better group alignment before the merge would have been helpful.  Anyway, there was

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Atlassian Connect – Private API Workaround

What if you need to access a “private” API with Atlassian Connect?  The frustrating reality is that although API’s exist for Agile/Greenhopper, you can’t use them within your Connect add-ons.  So, if you need a list of Sprints,  you’re likely

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Apache LDAP Auth for Atlassian

Normally we prefer to use Nginx as a reverse proxy for Atlassian apps. But when it comes to LDAP/AD authentication, Apache is the best option.  Nginx is capable of forcing web-server authentication, but it requires an unofficial plugin. (nginx-auth-ldap) Obviously, for

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Automagical SLAs in Jira Service Desk

At Alassian Summit this year, I attended a talk by Lucas Dussurget from Valiantys on implementing SLA’s with JSD.  Due to the short length of time allowed for the sessions this year, Lucas couldn’t possibly have the time to go into detail of how his excellent use

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