So your first introduction to Atlassian was the Server versions of Jira and Confluence. As an organization, you installed them, administered them, and watched them grow to meet your needs. Over time, you may find yourself wondering if Server is the right model for your organization. Would moving to the Cloud version be a good choice?

In the next few paragraphs, I will give you some of the benefits I commonly see for clients who move to Cloud.

The first and most obvious benefit is that you no longer need to worry about maintaining your own server instances. Whether your Server instance is hosted on premises, in a data center or in a cloud hosting service such as AWS, this will no longer be your concern. This translates directly to a cost savings on the facilities side for physical hardware, or decreased cloud hosting costs.

A second benefit tied closely to the first is that you no longer need a system administrator once you’ve moved to Cloud. In a Server configuration, a single person or group of people is required to make sure the servers/cloud instances are working properly. They are the ones you turn to when things go wrong and logs need to be analyzed. By removing the need for system administrators, you can reduce the need for some of the technical resources that were otherwise required.

“But, how do we handle upgrades without system administrators?” Fortunately, when you move to Atlassian Cloud this is no longer a concern. Since the servers are controlled by Atlassian, they handle all the upgrades, updates and patching. You don’t need to worry about staying on top of security patches, bug fixes or general updates anymore. Atlassian does offer release notes for cloud changes, but there is nothing you need to take action on.

Cloud is also easier from a licensing capacity planning standpoint. When you purchase server licenses, you have to choose tiers. This often results in a situation where you have more licenses than users. The opposite of this can easily happen as well, where you exceed your license threshold for whatever reason, requiring you to either groom users or move up a tier. With Cloud, both of these cases go away. You can scale your user count up or down very easily.

The final benefit I am going to throw out is my favorite. Moving to Cloud is a great excuse to clean up your instances. Over time, Atlassian instances invariably gather cruft. Even with a good governance model in place, you will end up with things you could do without in Jira and Confluence. Just as moving to a new house is a great excuse to throw things away, moving to Cloud offers the same benefit for your Atlassian environment.

At the end of the day, a tool is only good if people use it. By removing much of the overhead around Jira and Confluence, Atlassian Cloud removes some of the administrative barriers around using the tools. This is the WHY on moving to Cloud.

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