The greatest part of being in technology is the amazing meetups and events constantly happening around the world. As one of the most recognizable technology companies, Atlassian is an active part of this social aspect for technologist. They have created a safe and fun environment where Atlassian newbies and experts can come together to discuss all things Atlassian. Atlassian User Groups, more commonly referred to as AUGs, can be found in different states within the United States as well as on international shores. At Isos Technology, our employees from across the United States are regular attendees at many of these AUGs. This October, I attended my first AUG. Lia Wood and I went to the Denver AUG held at Galvanize. The session included food, drinks and attendees from different walks of life and awesome Atlassian info.

We started the night introducing new attendees, Atlassian partner representatives and add-on developer representatives. We then discussed job positions available and job seekers announced they were on the market. This was a great opportunity to announce positions we currently have open at Isos. The conversation continued to a topic called “lighting talks.” Attendees were able to discuss current difficulties they were experiencing with their Atlassian products and collaboratively we were able to assist each other. We then indulged into the topic of the night, workflow and custom field automation.

AUGs are a great opportunity to connect with other Atlassian users, learn all things Atlassian… and get free swag. Yup, I said it! Denver AUG leaders raffled Atlassian Swag Store credits. Who doesn’t love free food and swag?

Interested in attending an AUG? Check out the Atlassian User Group page for an AUG near you. We hope to see you there!