Every year Isos spends a great deal of time ramping up for Atlassian’s yearly Summit. Atlassian Summit 2014 was no different. For this one we had some extra special preparation to do right up to the last minute.

KinectMicrosoft 360 Kinect

Microsoft Kinect is a nifty little gadget that identifies and captures a person’s movements and gestures for the Microsoft X-Box 360. It can also interface with a computer and control software. This sparked an idea that Joel Brinkman and Kaitlynn Ritchie brought to fruition over a couple of months worth of work, resulting in the Kinect controlling Atlassian’s Jira.

Theme & Flyer

With the Kinect in mind, the marketing team came up with the “Kinect the Dots” campaign, pulling together the Kinect, Kinect the Dots theme and Jira. Then Tad Fox, our amazing resident designer and UX Alchemist, took the concept and fleshed it out as the basis for the rest of the graphics used throughout the entire campaign.

Isos Atlassian Summit 2014 flyer

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With the campaign basis established, Tad based the t-shirt design off of it as well. We had the center piece graphic for the front of the shirt and on the back, our URL, our Atlassian Expert Platinum badge and the Isos O on the sleeve. We used the black t-shirt design for the giveaway swag at Summit as well; sans the expert’s badge, URL and Isos O.

Isos Summit 2014 Black T-Shirt

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The team wanted to have a little change during their stay at Summit and another shirt was provided for them on an asphalt colored shirt. The graphic was altered slightly so it blended well with the different color.
Isos Summit 2014 T-Shirt Asphalt

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All of our shirts were printed at Brand-X Custom T-Shirts in downtown Tempe, AZ.

Booth Graphic

A few weeks before Summit 2014 we were alerted to the need for a booth graphic. Originally this option was not available to us as there was not going to be any place to do it and the event restricted us bringing our own. When we received word that this option was now on the table we went to Tad Fox again and he produced this lovely piece of artwork to showcase our presence there. Atlassian had the booth graphic printed so when it was backlit there was a very striking presentation.


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Landing Page

Each year we create a new landing page for Summit. This year we highlighted the Kinect-Jira activity being showcased at our booth, but also that we were giving away an Xbox One Game System plus a $200 gift card if they signed up on the landing page or at the booth itself. We also highlighted the two talks being done by our CEO, Thad West, Michael March and Ed Bukoski.
Isos's Atlassian Summit 2014 page


After doing some testing of the final Kinect-Jira project, we realized how much easier it would be for participants to use the implementation if they had an easily referenced visual. Originally we were just going to give them postcards, but we realized it would be so much easier if there was a banner stand right next to the display.

Kinect Gesture Banner Summit 2014

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We love preparing for and going to Atlassian Summit each year, and this year was our best year yet. The booth, banner stand and Kinect-Jira implementation were well received and Isos certainly stood out amongst the crowd.

Isos's Summit 2014 Booth

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