Whenever anything exciting happens in my life, I tend to find a song lyric, or movie reference, or even fancier… a POEM! So, without further ado, the one I chose for you today is a famous poem by Lewis Carroll, The Walrus and the Carpenter that says, “…The time has come the Walrus said, to talk of many things.. of issues, and releases, and epics use.. of components and custom fields!”

Wait… that’s not EXACTLY how it goes, but you get my drift. It is that time of year again! Atlassian Summit is around the corner! Each year Atlassian hosts their Summit conference for all their users to come together, meet fellow Atlassians, interact with Solutions Partners (like YOURS TRULY), meet custom add-on vendors, get training, certified and plain old have fun! It’s the event I look forward to every single year. I love the chance to speak about all things Atlassian, all service offerings Isos, and meet Clients both new and old face to face!

If you find yourself at Atlassian’s Summit conference, please, stop by our booth! We will be at booth 706 and I will be there with bells on!

You could even win a prize! Please email me or stop by the booth to find out how!

Cannot wait to see everyone there!

Your favorite sporadic blogger,

Lia Wood