If you didn’t make it to the Atlassian Summit this year, be sure to mark your calendar for next year. The annual event put on by Atlassian is as fun as it is informative. These guys really do put on a great show! Here’s some of what you missed.


There were some fantastic products announcements at Summit…Jira Service Desk, Confluence Questions, HipChat server, and the list goes on. For a full recap of the product line-up, check out Danny’s excellent recap.


Atlassian refers to their people as ‘Atlassians’, and they were there in full force. Did you ever wonder why a feature of Jira worked a specific way? Well, you could have spoken to any number of the Jira developmers and product managers that were running around. The entire Atlassian crew was extremely approachable, all the way up to the CEO level. Atlassian took extraordinary measures to ensure that not only did they have resources there across all products, but they also provided multiple venues and opportunities to interact. All of the interactions I had with Atlassians did not feel forced. They were generally interested in hearing not only my praises of their products, but, more importantly, my criticisms.


There were great technical presentations from Atlassians and users. These were not sales pitches, but real world problems and solutions being discussed. The good news is that all the presentation were video recorded and will be available soon. When they are posted, I suggest checking out the following:

  • True Git: The Great Migration – Atlassian shares lessons learned and what to consider when making the switch to DVCS.
  • Chatting with HIpChat: APIs 101 – Learn from an insider how to get the most out of the HipChat API.
  • The HubSpot Culture Code: Creating a Company We Love – Jim O’Neill shares the way Hubspot inspires a highly collaborative, transparent, effective, and results-driven culture. He will show how this dynamic culture centers around Confluence, HipChat, and Jira.


Whether it’s a great root beer promotional event (shameless plug) or the full on Summit Bash, there are plenty of distractions during the week of Summit. Other than being a lot of fun, this is a great chance to network with your fellow users, Atlassians, and even competitors. It’s this casual bonding time that really helps to forge long-lasting relationships in the Atlassian community.