Jira Service Desk – ITSM Your Way

 Did you know that Jira Service Desk has built-in workflows now that address some ITSM concepts? A quick tip: YOUR vision/version of ITSM is probably different than everyone else, so please don’t feel like you HAVE to change your process in order to adapt to what comes in the box.
BUT (yes, it’s a Bigbootè)…
…my experience says that they are a little light for most applications. While you could probably get about 80% of the way home right out of the box, you’ll be able to easily reach your goals thanks to Jira Service Desk’s ease of customization.

Out of the Box Change Workflow

PROTIP: I had to clean this up because, well, it was terrible.  We at Isos take more than a little pride in producing workflows that are visually appealing and easy to understand.  My best work looked like a dragonfly.  Jira is a messy little monkey… so clean up the workflow once at creation so that people who use that little View Workflow link can actually read it.
Jira Service Desk Change Workflow, outta da box, sorta

DIY Change Workflow

You can see that this company is pretty serious.  They start tracking changes BEFORE they are ready to deploy, require multiple approval scenarios, including a two-approver requirement, and override options, such as when a dev manager is unavailable.  They’ve also combined Release and Change to give an outcomes-based reporting view.  This may not work for your team(s), but in this case it really has. Everyone is looped in, release volume is predictable, and scheduling is a breeze!
From 10/1/15 until now, they have 700+ changes processed with almost zero friction and only one tweak to the workflow to expedite Minor and Established changes.
Jira Service Desk Change workflow not outta da box
So what’s in the box is definitely important, but what you do with it is critical to producing the business outcomes you seek.