My first official post for Isos Technology, my new employer, no pressure right?
The good news is I can write about anything, as long as I can tie it to one of our pillars (what we do). Easy enough, except wow, where to start? Process Automation, Software Solutions, Mobile Solutions, and Smart Recruiting cover quite a bit of territory. My main foci relate most closely to Process Automation, the pillar that includes our Atlassian practice and process improvement aspects of our business. So, winner winner chicken dinner!
Moving forward with additional posts I will attempt to follow three themes: PMO, Atlassian Best Practices, and the Atlassian Dragon Slayer Quest.
For PMO topics I will discuss tools, processes, and experiences in using the Atlassian ecosystem in support of evolving project management practices.
I get asked a lot about Atlassian Best Practices, but there’s so much information already available on this topic. I believe what may be missing are some practical examples of how to apply best practices to specific business cases. At the very least giving some form or framework to existing knowledge could be beneficial.
Here Be Dragons: hic sunt dracones
Lastly, I want this.
atlassian expert
When I say ‘want’ be thinking want in the manner of:

  • Luke Skywalker wanting to be off of Tatooine
  • Firefly fans wanting more (movies, fan films, episodes)
  • The way Howard Wolowitz really wants some respect for his degree.

Atlassian has created this interesting little quest ( to encourage users to work with the ecosystem. I have never really had the opportunity to start from scratch, but I have always wanted to develop my system admin skills and gain the experience of working with suite from a different angle. This exercise is less than a days worth of effort and takes us on a tour of Jira (with Agile and Capture), Confluence (with Team Calendars), Bamboo, Fisheye, and Crucible.
The goal of the quest is to install all the apps, configure them, integrate them, enhance them with plugins and finally capture proof of that in one place (dashboard with gadgets).
The Latin phrase hic sunt dracones (here are dragons) historically appears to serve as a warning that danger lurks in unexplored lands. After years of working within the Atlassian ecosystem as an application admin, I’d have to say that the real danger exists only from a lack of knowledge. So I am going to challenge my fellow Isosians (oh yes i did!) to go through this exercise with me, even those outside of the Atlassian practice and I’m going to challenge you all to try it yourself. I’ll post an update within a couple of weeks on when I have this planned. If you are in metro Phoenix and want to participate in the Isos DragonFest, hit me on twitter @isosKevin, comment below, or shoot me an email. When it comes to slaying dragons, I have a feeling it is a “the more the merrier” situation.