If you’re a company with a lot of complex processes and procedures, Atlassian’s Confluence can be a great way to store, organize, and communicate information. But there’s a downside too: it can get overwhelming. We’ve all seen that wiki page with massive walls of text outlining a process. It’s the page no one wants to read.
Is there a better way to communicate information? The answer is most certainly yes. In the human brain, visuals are processed 60,000x faster than text. So why not express as many concepts as you can visually? The great thing about Confluence is that there are so many add-ons to help you with this task. We’ve outlined a few of our favorites below, so you can stop adding walls of texts and start making attractive, instantly accessible content. Two are about presenting information in a visual way, while two others address how you can spruce up your actual wiki for better visual impact.

Advanced Tables for Confluence

It’s no coincidence that Advanced Tables is one of the most popular Atlassian add-ons. It lets you convert CSV files to tables. So rather than raw data, you’ll have it all organized in a concise, more visually appealing format. And there’s CSS control available so you can give each of your tables a custom design. For example, you might try color coding them by topic for extra clarity.

Content Formatting Macros

Speaking of extra clarity, this add-on is great for providing just that. Although the add-on contains a whole suite of Confluence macros, the two most useful for visual communication are the options to allow for horizontal scrolling (which is great if you’re embedding large images or diagrams, see below) and the ability to highlight text. Highlighting is a great way to communicate directly in the wiki—you can quickly point out to a colleague what the most important information is. You can also emphasize key steps in instructions or make note of new changes to procedures.

Wiki Themes

Did you know you can completely redesign your entire Confluence wiki? There are actually several theme options in the Atlassian marketplace that make Confluence look more appealing, especially for non-technical users. Two of our favorites are Theme Press from Brikit and Refined Theme from RefiniedWiki. Better image display and additional spacing and layout options are particularly helpful for upping your visual game. Plus, both solutions offer branding options like customizable headers and footers. You can even make your wiki match the design style of your company’s site.


Like Advanced Tables, Lucidchart is a great way to organize the existing information inside your wiki. Have a complicated process listed out in steps? Why not add a flowchart that summarizes it? You can make diagrams via drag-and-drop without ever leaving Confluence. Just choose Lucidchart from the drop down menu after you’ve integrated, and you’ll go straight to the Lucidchart editor. Once you’ve finished your diagram, you can embed it directly in your wiki. It’s especially convenient to embed, because it lets you continuously update a diagram as your process changes, rather than having to replace a static image.
Lucidchart also has a presentation mode where you can turn diagrams into slide decks and embed those as well. It’s perfect for making important presentations and then permanently saving them.
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to add-ons for Confluence. What are some of your favorites, and how do they help with visual communication?