So it’s been a couple of weeks since Atlassian Summit and I am finally getting a chance to share my experience for those who weren’t able to go as well as open the dialog for those who did. This was my first time going to Summit but I have been to other industry conferences, so I think I have some good experience to compare it to.

I arrived on Tuesday evening and used Uber from the airport. Bottom line – I will never use a shuttle bus again! Uber is awesome! From the time we ordered the car using Uber’s app, It took less than 5 minutes for our pickup. I was traveling with three of my colleagues so the cost for a ride through Uber was a meager $5 more than if we would have all taken an airport shuttle. And we didn’t have to stop a dozen times for other passengers! Truly a great service. Atlassian Summit

While in San Fran, I stayed in the Hotel at Union square, a small boutique hotel in a great location that I really enjoyed. Though the room was tiny, it was very comfortable and had the small touches that I needed.

So after checking in we walked to the Mars Bar for a happy hour, sponsored by isos of course, for some much needed refreshments and a bite to eat. At 7:30 we crossed the street and attended the mixer in the convention center. To make a long story short, there were well over a thousand people there. There were Fosters and appetizers aplenty. This wasn’t the end of the night, though, because a group of us made our way to the provided busses and went to the Marc Jacobs Hotel to check out the Top of the Mark. Wow, nice place! Stunning view, beautiful people and even an ultra snobby server to make us feel under-dressed and too light in the wallet. Thankfully Amex covered the bill and the bartender did not share in our waiter’s bad attitude.

After a great night’s sleep we were up and on the bus back to the conference center for a continental breakfast and then the Keynote Speech by Mike Cannon-Brookes & Scott Farquhar. This was not your typical keynote ra’ra fest. They covered a number of exciting new features and changes to the Atlassian tools. I am not going to recap everything they covered or all the sessions that I attended over the next two days because they are all going to be available online. I will however mention a few that I thought really stuck out.

Tomorrow I’ll begin with he Confluence State of the Union on my Day Two at Atlassian Summit.