The 2018 GDC (Game Developers Conference) was held in San Francisco the week of March 19th.

When most people think of gaming, the first things that come to mind are the hottest new games like Fortnite, big-name game development companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, streaming services like Twitch and gaming hardware manufactures like Razer.

What doesn’t normally come to mind? Enterprise software tools.

Here’s the thing, though… good tooling is as important to the continued success of companies involved in gaming as it is for companies involved in providing services and products in other industries. This is why many companies involved in gaming have begun adopting Atlassian tools. At Isos Technology, we have helped several companies in the gaming industry incorporate Atlassian tools into their ecosystem, and why we felt it was important to send representatives to GDC when approached by Atlassian.

So what did we hear from the gaming community about Atlassian? One of the first things we got was, “what’s Atlassian?” As soon as we mentioned Jira or Confluence, that quickly changed. It turns out that a lot of people in the gaming industry are already using Atlassian products, though they may not know it.

Overall, most of the feedback we received was positive. People like the wide range of tools and the integration between tools. Of course, with highly flexible tools that are chock full of features, a common issue is complexity… and the Atlassian tools are nothing if not flexible and feature-rich. Some of the people we spoke with brought this up, asking about the best way to get training.

Fortunately, Isos offers training and best practices across the Atlassian tools. We were able to direct people to some resources for self-directed education and open up the potential for training services.

Something very interesting that we saw was many people who were familiar with Atlassian, but didn’t know that certain tools were actually Atlassian products. Sure, most people knew Jira, Confluence and HipChat were owned by Atlassian. But many didn’t realize that Atlassian also owned Bitbucket, has a build server (yes, I’m talking about Bamboo). They were the most surprised, however, to find out that and Trello are also both part of the Atlassian tools.

It was exciting for our team to let people know about all that Atlassian has to offer to the game development community… and is already providing tools to many companies involved in game development. It was also valuable for Isos to get feedback on how our approach to working with companies in the game development can be improved to meet the specific needs of the community.
…of course you can’t go to a convention without getting a few photos.