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For some reason, in my tiny little brain, every time I hear the word Zephyr I associate it with Zeppelin, which leads to Led Zeppelin, which leads to Stairway to Heaven… Sing it with me now. Sorry to mislead you. This blog article has nothing to do with one of the greatest bands in the history of rock and roll, but more to do with test case management. I know it’s a stretch, but stay with me.
Atlassian’s Jira product is one of the best tools (okay the best) for tracking software development task and getting product teams on the same page. However there is a missing component in the core Atlassian tools… test case management. There is a huge need to bring test case management inside of Jira to provide tight integration between product management, development, and testing. Atlassian Marketplace to the rescue!
If you’re an Atlassian (Jira, Confluence, etc.) user and you’re not familiar with their marketplace… well, feast your eyes on the plugin goodness! If you search for test management in the marketplace you find a handful of third party plug-ins aimed at integrating test management with Jira (and Confluence). On top of that list is Zephyr and Isos is a big fan! And in full disclosure, we liked them so much we had to reach out and partner… too many clients were asking for it!

“Oooh…It makes me wonder”… about Zephyr and Atlassian Integration

Zephyr Enterprise Edition is a Test Management Platform that manages all aspects associated with software quality, integrates various test tools and systems, offers global access, fosters collaboration and provides real-time management visibility
Here are a few high-level Features:

  • Manage Testing Releases and Sprints
  • Add and Track Requirements
  • Integrate Automation scripts
  • Plan and Execute Test Cycles
  • Integrate with Leading Defect Tracking Systems
  • Track Real-Time Metrics via Free Dashboards
  • Real-time Collaboration

“And a new day will dawn for those who stand long”… and for Those Who Use Atlassian Tools

So, exactly how does Zephyr integrate with that Atlassian tools? I’m glad you ask…
Zephyr Enterprise Edition & Jira, Jira Agile: Stories and requirements from Jira Agile are brought into Zephyr and tests are created and mapped. This action also updates the record in Jira Agile so users are aware of the tests associated with the story/requirement. Users in Zephyr create defects from within their testing process. As a natural flow of such an activity, these defects are immediately created in Jira. On the Jira side, the submitted defects will display the testcase ID, the testcase title and the test steps, along with step level status and step level notes providing the development team with critical data to best investigate the issue. As defects are fixed, their status appears in Zephyr and as test executions pass or fail, the appropriate defect record in Jira is updated. End-to-end traceability reports in detailed xls format are available for download where data from both systems is extracted, synthesized and reported on.
Zephyr Enterprise Edition & Crowd: Zephyr provides multiple options through which users can be authenticated when they log into the system. If your organization is using a Crowd server for authentication, the Zephyr server can be set up to authenticate with it before allowing users to log in.
Zephyr Enterprise Edition & Zephyr Blueprints for Confluence: Zephyr provides users of Zephyr Enterprise Edition with the ability to bring real-time metrics, dashboarding, and project team collaboration around testing into Confluence.

“There’s still time to change the road you’re on”… An HP Example

One of the big players in the test management space is HP Quality Center. We run into migrations from HPQC to Jira & Zephyr often, and for good reasons:

  • Usability: Zephyr works with any browser and operating system, anytime, anywhere. Keep the entire project team productive with a rich user interface that is real-time, needs no refreshing and is pleasing and intuitive to use. Multitask across multiple projects and releases/sprints with an innovative testing desktop.
  • Integration: One more time…Jira INTEGRATION! – your project teams are already using Jira today and yet they are being managed in silos. With Zephyr, you can easily integrate your manual and automation testing, your defect tracking and requirements – all in an easy-to-use well-integrated interface. With the flexibility of APIs, ZIPs and ZBots, Jira will now be connected.
  • Reporting: Still running static reports? Zephyr provides real-time, interactive, drill-down metrics and free dashboards with quality intelligence built in. See exactly how far along you are in the testing process or figure out how many testcases are blocked by defects. You no longer need a Reporting dedicated resources just to “run” reports.
  • Cost $$: Say ENOUGH to expensive software licenses, restrictive models around site/area/global licensing, additional database costs, high IT costs of setup and maintenance, add-on dashboard access costs, and dedicated resource cost to manage and build reports. Zephyr provides an all-inclusive global licensing model, free dashboards, minimal maintenance costs, and the flexibility of SaaS or On-Premise deployment at the same price, all of this at thousands of dollars less than what your QC renewals cost today!