What’s the heck is SQLLine? Sqlline is a tool created 17+ years ago that allows someone to execute sql queries from any command line prompt. The only requirements are you have a Java JRE, the SQLLine jar file distrobution, and the appropriate JDBC driver available in your local path. Why the heck is SQLLine? Everyone, even […]

It’s important to bring efficiency to your Jira admin team. While there are a few things that seem obvious, it’s not something that every team does. Today, I’ll talk about creating default templates for your instance. Jira’s base templates are fine for building, but the slight problem is that Jira creates individual schemes for every […]

And I’m back, back again… Ahoy, Folks!!  Your favorite blogger is back again with some more exciting content from the Atlassian ecosystem!  Ok, this blog post actually has nothing to do with Atlassian and more to do with Isos Technology specifically. I’m going to spend the next couple of paragraphs bragging about my incredible company.  […]

If you are using the API for a full Jira system merge between instances, then you’re really smart. You have 500 projects to merge with another Jira instance in the organization.  Botron Software’s Configuration Manager for Jira is the best tool for the job.  However, if you are moving all projects, it will not make […]

Being productive during a long day of work can be challenging at times, but there are a few tricks that I use that I truly believe increase my overall productivity when implemented. Turn Notifications Off Your smartphone can be a distraction… there’s no question about it. While at work I do my best to turn all notifications […]

As a Jira admin, whether in the capacity of a company providing managed services like Isos Technology or the Jira admin for your company, we all have clients whose needs we are paid to meet. And just like a client for any other business, the client has a need for you to fulfill for which […]

So 2020 was a busy year for the Atlassian security team. It seems like every month or so a major security flaw was discovered that forced action by Atlassian administrators around the globe. These flaws unearthed in 2019 impacted pretty much the entire Atlassian server suite: Jira Server (2) Jira Service Desk (2) Bitbucket (1) […]

In this blog I will be providing yet another useful Groovy snippet to help you get the data you need from your Jira instance in a jiffy! There may be times where you need to search over all of the filters being used in your Jira instance to check for a specific query, such as […]

In this blog I will be providing yet another useful Groovy snippet to help you get the data you need from your Jira instance in a jiffy! For whatever reason, you may find yourself needing to pull data on workflows or transitions. One use case would be that your company is going through a standardization […]

Before the holidays, I attended an Atlassian Community Event (ACE) in San Diego. If you’ve never attended such an event you’re either not a full fledged Jira nerd fan, or have not been able to fit it on your calendar, or less likely, you are not the President of any of the featured speaker’s fan club. […]