Imagine you are participating in a 3-legged race. You and your partner are struggling to win. In the end, you figure out that you two have to be in near-perfect synchronisation if you want to actually finish the race and win. Working as a team in organizations is not much different. Instead of just 2 […]

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Yes, I’m an ‘Expert’ by title (a term that is thankfully changing soon) and my profession is an Atlassian consultant with Isos Tech. That doesn’t mean that everything here will apply to every situation. I can talk about cooking chili, I can even share my recipe and show you to make my (mom’s) chili. I […]

Hackathons have become more popular in recent years. Although the name may conjure up images of lumberjacks hacking into pieces of wood, a hackathon is actually an event in which people such as programmers, project managers, technical writers and others work through a set of exercises in a limited amount of time, with the intent […]