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Last year the HDI conference was held in Las Vegas… but this year we Phoenicians weren’t so lucky as to have a 45-minute flight. So we printed our Southwest A-list boarding passes and headed for Orlando. BTW, we love Southwest and Southwest really seems to love us, you can see for yourself (Shameless Plug for drink tickets)! But […]

The overarching software sector – including both development and testing – is one of the most rapidly-changing industries today. As new approaches and innovative strategies emerge, teams must shift their working processes to ensure they remain on the cutting edge. In such a fast-paced setting, it can be somewhat difficult to keep up. In this […]

I’ve been excited about the new 2.0 version of Portfolio for Jira ever since I learned about the objectives of the release at Atlassian Summit. Last week I discovered that I’ve been using it for a few months now through the Live Plans beta. It’s actually really easy to activate the Live Plans lab release… […]