The Internet is a dark and scary place. There are some basic things I’ve done to minimize my risk. Use a Password Manager. There are many different tools out there, such as 1Password and LastPass. Both of those tools offer a security audit and they help you minimize a lot of risk. One of my favorite […]

When I started at Isos, I accepted a position becoming the only remote employee on the Atlassian team. While weighing the pros and cons of being remote I did a lot of online research. I found the standard recommendations of defining a workspace, setting work hours, etc. There are a few things I’ve learned since: […]

Time to geek it up! I wanted this third part of my series to be a culmination of my previous Up and Running with Homebrew part 1 and part 2 blogs along with Forcing Myself to Learn by Teaching. I figured I’d compromise on forcing myself to learn and start the process by sharing something […]