As a Software Consultant, I have been on many projects. I’ve worked countless hours on these projects but eventually these assignments come to an end. No one works on a project forever right? Eventually the client ends the engagement or the project ends and it is time to move on to something else. But even […]

In part one of this post I gave a quick and dirty page overlay with an animated gif spinner to get by in a pinch. Now I’m going to show the CSS animated spinner in place of the animated gif spinner. The Why Why replace the animated gif spinner with a CSS animated one you ask? […]

What’s “JAC of the Month Club”? Click here to find out! Wonderful spoiler alert: This blog post will be hopefully be mostly obsolete by the time you read this. The JAC issue featured in this post (CWD-3388) was recently resolved to be release as Crowd 2.8.4. However, the release schedule of Crowd is not as […]

Let’s face it…we’ve all had jobs that we’ve enjoyed, and jobs that have made us absolutely miserable. The reality is that a job isn’t just about the paycheck, the benefits, or the work itself. To achieve true happiness in your profession, you must also appreciate and respect the company values, your co-workers, and the work […]

So, you spent a ton of time getting your resume ready for prime time. You found an opportunity with a great company.  You’ve updated your resume to include the skills and experience that speak directly to the job description and requirements for the position. The recruiter called and said the hiring manager has requested an […]

Before I get into this too deeply, you really need to understand the context. There are so many Jira dudes/dudettes (admins) out there in the wild with little support. They are really my audience. It’s totally true, Atlassian puts forth volumes of information on their apps, which is awesome! However, I think in many cases […]