In my last blog, I showed the basics of Liquibase and how to get up and running quickly using the basic command line syntax. Naturally, no developer wants to work like this. Let’s see how we can set up Liquibase in a modern development environment. As you recall the first command we ran was generateChangeLog […]

In addition to a branching strategy, which seems to get a lot of attention, there is also a strategy for git revert. I suppose this is more of a set of good practices and training than a strategy. Whatever you want to call it let’s take a little time to talk about some options for […]

In early April of this year, my fearless leader Danny Riley and I traveled to Austin, Texas to participate in Atlassian’s Expert meeting. This was a chance for us to rub elbows with our fellow experts, meet some Atlassian folks, check out their new digs (holy view!), and enjoy some delicious Mexican grub! Naturally, there […]

Time to learn! I’ll admit it — I’m lazy. Often times the hardest thing to do is motivate myself to learn new technologies, particularly if I’ve been busy or I have other obligations. It is especially hard if you’re not forced into it. I’ve heard people complain about not knowing the newest hottest frameworks and language features because […]