Greetings! Although I have worked at Isos for almost four years, this is my first-ever blog entry! I’m excited to be joining the very talented blogging team here at our company. A little about myself—I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, where I earned my […]

In the final installment of this series on barcoding we’ll be reviewing a simple Spring MVC application that combines the concepts from the previous posts. This will illustrate how all the different components of a barcoding process, such as printing, scanning and user interaction, go together to form a complete workflow. It also provides a […]

Page loading overlays are a dime a dozen. What I’m presenting isn’t anything new, just the quickest and easiest way to get you through in a pinch. While working under a tight deadline recently, there wasn’t an opportunity to rewrite things to remedy the situation. And while I didn’t have an actual FOUC taking place (you […]

Ok… that title was a little meaner that it was intended. When a designer chooses to use a CMS, the intention is for other people to be able to maintain the content. If a static site is used, no one but the designer or whoever had a bit of HTML knowledge is able to make […]

We spend much of our work day either fulfilling routine requests or making requests of others, both inside and outside of our organization, that they would deem routine. Your daily work effort consists of processes that you either participate in or initiate. I can’t think of a better way to model processes than through Jira […]