Hopefully Part 1 of this series convinced you that barcode systems are a useful, inexpensive productivity booster with widespread applications… or at least stoked your desire to play with new gadgets. The next obvious step is designing and building something with them. The rest of this post will cover some of the different methods for creating barcodes on web pages, […]

Introduction This blog will cover at a minimum what you need to do for a simple form-based Single Sign On (SSO) in the context of a portlet, though parts of it could be applicable for any application. This scenario will come up when you have two applications that are incompatible because they may have different SSO […]

Normally we prefer to use Nginx as a reverse proxy for Atlassian apps. But when it comes to LDAP/AD authentication, Apache is the best option.  Nginx is capable of forcing web-server authentication, but it requires an unofficial plugin. (nginx-auth-ldap) Obviously, for our enterprise clients, it’s not worth the risk when Apache has an official mod for LDAP […]

For those not familiar with the HDI Conference, HDI is the premier IT service and technical support conference in the ITSM industry. This year’s conference was hosted by Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. The Isos Team was asked to co-host a conference booth with Atlassian in support of Jira Service Desk. After three days […]

RFID and NFC may be the cool new kids on the block, but in many cases there’s still no substitute for good old-fashioned, unsexy barcodes. Barcodes can precipitate some serious productivity gains and have a lower entry barrier, with generally inexpensive hardware and a broad spectrum of software solutions. Organizations of all sizes can benefit […]

Understanding Rewritten History (continuation of Rewriting History) So the boss comes in screaming, a customer complains, or users are squealing and something has to be fixed. After investigating the issue, nothing is making sense. How did this bug get introduced? Who wrote the code that broke it? How does one go about fixing it? This […]

Here at Isos we have assisted many large and small organizations in their quest to insure they are in compliance with whatever burdensome imposed regulation they are subject to. These rules, be they internally or externally imposed, have always been a source of friction in teams getting whatever project being worked on done. In almost […]

To all of our loyal Isos Blog followers out there, Ahoy!  I would like to extend my hand, and introduce myself as the newest member of Isos Technology. I am Lia Wood, Assistant Business Development Specialist Extraordinaire, and it is with great pleasure I join this company, these intellectual people, and this top-notch blogging group. […]

Icons give the end user visual cues about the interface they are navigating. There are numerous studies and usability tests that reference the benefits of offering your end users visual cues. At Isos we have also encountered this through our usability testing. Users excel when given visual cues over plain text when navigating. Traditionally we […]