I often tell people, as I’ve learned, that the first rule in design is to “never design without a concept” and the second rule is to “never design for the sake of design.” These two rules are very important and go hand-in-hand. What this means is that you can’t just go right away and dive […]

Focus on the goal not the retribution. Wow, that’s a loaded statement! But people are people. We have a natural tendency not to be scolded. Or yelled at. Or have our competence called into question. Staying out of the crosshairs can be more important than delivering product. Sometimes the structure and culture of an organization […]

WebDAV, just don’t do it It goes without saying that Confluence is the best wiki mankind has ever had the privilege of utilizing to collaborate. The  workflow of manipulating wiki pages on Confluence either through your web browser or via the REST/SOAP APIs is proven and solid. When we at Isos advise and train our […]

A few weeks ago I had to update a Maven dependency on a project for the latest build, which triggered the Maven Tango:  a cascade of updates was necessary to keep everything happy with all the interdependencies. After I was done I built and ran the project, and everything was great… until the next morning, […]

IMHO, the single most underutilized feature of Confluence is the personal space. BAM! There, I said it… With all the clamoring for application training for users, I wish we (the admin community) would get our users more engaged with features like this. Here we have a perfect example of how to encourage engagement with the […]

Today I will be wrapping up my three part discussion on why agile transformation may fail. Several factors play a role in determining the outcome of any agile transformation initiative, but in my opinion the three most important pillars of the “Agile Transformation Progression Wheel” are Vision, Culture, and Process. Vision is what sets the […]

Atlassian JIRA

How do you explain Jira to a non-technical user? After recently getting schooled by my 9 year old… Me (beaming with pride): Honey, what is that you are working on? Her (looking at me like I have 3 heads): It’s a Venn Diagram daddy, haven’t you seen these before? As happy as I was to […]

Last Week I began a discussion into why agile transformation may fail. I will be continuing the discussion today. Often, we ignore the ominous signs that are screaming for change, and we continue to deliver inferior products or services, blaming either the teams that delivered them, or the leadership for failures along the way. We […]

Twilio + Zapier + Jira = VoiceTasks I’m not a big fan of voice messages. This is mainly because there’s typically some sort of follow up action I need to take… which I inevitably forget about. It seems I’m always listening to voice messages when I’m away from my desk and can’t easily create a […]

Last Thursday we had the Isos 2014 blogging awards ceremony at Salut in Tempe. In case you haven’t been following along, in 2014 we added gamification to the Isos blogs to add a little fun to what can at times feel very cumbersome. Take a look at these blog entries to get a little background. […]