Who’s heard of Percona?  Actually,  it’s probably more common than I realize. I hadn’t used it until a couple weeks ago, however. Ever thought of how common MySQL is, and about how many people understand the default settings for MySQL? Yes, this has become a security vulnerability! Database tuning and security can be a […]

One of the more subtly difficult decisions to make when data modeling is selecting the appropriate cardinality for a relationship. Choosing the wrong cardinalities can lead to some awkward problems down the road, so it is worthwhile to use extra care when creating them. Here’s a quick recap of two cardinalities I’d like to discuss […]

I recently discovered an awesome annotation in Hibernate that somehow escaped me in my consulting adventures. It is called @Formula. It is pretty straightforward to use and once you’ve seen it’s benefits you will want to use it all the time (I caution you on using it all the time for reasons I will explain […]

Atlassian Hipchat

I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of daily information and communication. It is flying at me from all sources: email, phone, sms, visitors, social media, and HipChat. I found myself trying to be on top of all communications. It was a badge of honor to be über responsive. What I found was that I was living […]

Atlassian HipChat

In the previous five gripping posts, we meandered our way through writing a pointless plugin for Atlasssian’s HipChat. In this potentially final post of the series, we’ll tie together a few loose ends and turn this experimental toy into something we can pretend is practical. By the time you’re done implementing the changes documented here, […]

Hey, where are the new blog entries?! “It’s already January 8th and I haven’t seen any new entries this year. Did I miss something somewhere? Did you make a resolution to publish fewer nuggets of verbal gold? C’mon man, I need my Isos blogging awesomeness fix! MOAR BLOGS NOW!!!” Don’t worry, exciting new blogs are […]