If you’re a company with a lot of complex processes and procedures, Atlassian’s Confluence can be a great way to store, organize, and communicate information. But there’s a downside too: it can get overwhelming. We’ve all seen that wiki page with massive walls of text outlining a process. It’s the page no one wants to […]

  If you missed it, my co-worker Justin Freeman just wrapped up an excellent three part blog series on Liquibase! Exploring Liquibase Part 1 Exploring Liquibase Part 2 Exploring Liquibase Part 3 With that I felt it reasonable to mention the other big open source alternative for database management, Flyway.  In the past I worked with Flyway […]

User Experience (UX) is Driven by Mobile Needs Across the Industry As companies realize they need a stronger mobile presence to stay relevant and current with today’s and the future’s online needs, they’re turning to UX professionals to guide them or lead them in the endeavor. Many organizations are still trapped in the quagmire of […]

Portfolio for Jira (formerly Jira Portfolio) is a powerful, and highly attractive add-on for Jira. Portfolio provides strategic planning capability to Jira. This is a huge development in the Atlassian community. For many years product developers and managers have had to maintain strategic plans and product roadmaps outside of Atlassian’s tools. With the new release […]

Must read list for the UX professional

Where can I read up on what UX is and it’s principles? I get asked this question a great deal by those studying UX, those interested in it and even savvy clients looking to better understand what is involved with and what UX means in general. Print There are a metric ton of books out […]

As promised in my last post, this one is going to cover a few settings that users often overlook. Jira Let’s start with Jira. First, select your profile icon in the top right corner, then select ‘Profile.’ You can edit a few sections on that screen, but the MOST important settings are down a little bit […]

Many agile teams today often struggle with the concept of Points and Hours. For some agilists, estimating user stories using points is the way to go, as hours are precise units of time, and are incapable of estimating an evolving requirement. In their opinion, they do not provide the flexibility necessary for the process of […]

  If you’re in technology and haven’t been living under a rock you’re aware of Git. If you’re aware of Git then you’re probably aware of Vincent Driesson’s eventful blog “A Successful Git Branching Model” that has since been implemented and widely referred to as Gitflow. Don’t let the title of this blog fool you, […]

I haven’t said much about Bootstrap, but the more I use it, the more I love it. I feel like it frees my mind up for the overall picture by making little complexities easier to use. As I’ve mentioned before, The client I primarily like to use to code is Coda 2 from Panic. Coda […]

Spring Batch is used for a number of processing jobs. It’s quite robust, easy to configure and executes fairly well. One of the common tasks it is used for is parsing CSV files. But lets face it, how often do you get CSV files that are well structured and follow RFC4180? CSV files come in […]