2014 was another great year at Isos. In fact it was our best year in our 9+ year history! We accomplished a lot this past year. Here are a few of the highlights: Platinum Baby! We earned our Atlassian Platinum badge this year, which is the top partner recognition from Atlassian. We had to take […]

Feelings… Seeing that screen pictured above, the way Google’s new Inbox represents a clean / inbox zero, makes me feel very, very happy. In the past four plus weeks since using Inbox I see that screen pretty much all the time. Seeing the screen above, a typical Gmail inbox view makes me very, very sad. […]

Atlassian HipChat

Tens of thousands of loyal readers who have followed this series and tried each and every post have commented on a few very large holes in the Spring Integration code used to illustrate a possible architecture for HipChat plugins. I’ll attempt to patch a few of these holes in this final post of the series. […]

Don't Make Me Think, by Steve Krug

At its core, user experience and usability amounts to ensuring that the end user finds what they are looking for without effort or without thinking. The user is already thinking about what they want to find. That should be all the effort required. Icons are a great example of not needing to think because the […]

As a developer, it is often just as important to understand the unspoken implicit requirements of a new feature or project as it is to understand the explicitly stated ones. Sometimes a customer or Subject Matter Expert (SME) will make an innocuous request and couch it in terms that lead you down the wrong path. […]