In case you’ve been living under a rock a bunch of new mobile devices were recently released: Two new sizes of iPhones, the Amazon FirePhone and Fire HD Tablets, new Android devices are popping up all the time (I’m just gonna link you here) and whatever else you want to throw into the cesspool. There […]

Git can have some unexpected behavior if a starry eyed developer decides to rewrite history. When we speak of rewriting history, we are not actually directly editing history, but rather presenting it in another way. So what are some common ways people do this? And what are the ramifications of it? And how do we […]

At the beginning of a recent class, I asked my students if any of them ride a snowboard. When just a single hand went up, I added, “how about skiing,” which garnered another outstretched arm or two. I then asked if any of them played sports at the college—or had in high school. How about […]

Been wondering what went into Isos Technology’s Atlassian Summit 2014 appearance? Read on to find out.

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Before we begin… Before I join the already crowded fray of folks chiming in on Jira Portfolio, a quick update is due on my last post. Here Be Dragons: hic sunt dracones Atlassian has a little series of activities to get people used to administering their suite of apps. It takes you on a whirlwind tour […]

In its 2.0 incarnation, Jira Service Desk is another strong product in the Atlassian lineup.