Atlassian HipChat

In my previous post, we set up a basic Spring Integration project to serve as an add-on to HipChat using the Atlassian Connect API. In this post we will explore using Spring Integration to swap our OAuth token for an access token using the HipChat API. Since I know you’ve already read the Atlassian Connect […]

As a consultant I am often asked to justify an expense, explain a technology or architectural decision, give my advice on software development life-cycle processes, or any number of other aspects that go into delivering software solutions to customers. I was recently asked to justify the expense of buying IntelliJ licenses in a development group. […]

These days Spring has so many things in it that sometimes you miss something. The other day I came across a class called TransactionSynchronizationAdapter, and honestly I had no idea what it was. Once I saw it implemented it made perfect sense… so I thought I would write about it. TransactionSynchronizationAdapter is a class that […]

Atlassian HipChat

There has been a lot of excitement lately at Isos about Atlassian Connect. The Atlassian Connect API allows developers to extend Atlassian products and tools in a language of their choice using nothing but standard web protocols. This enables developers and integrators the opportunity to extend the hosted versions of Jira, Confluence, BitBucket and HipChat […]

When tailoring your interview questions for a web designer or UX professional, there are a few key things to be mindful of. First, web designers are not developers. My compatriot Tad Fox and I have blogged previously about the differences between the two groups. The questions outlined here are examples of questions I have asked […]

My first official post for Isos Technology, my new employer, no pressure right? The good news is I can write about anything, as long as I can tie it to one of our pillars (what we do). Easy enough, except wow, where to start? Process Automation, Software Solutions, Mobile Solutions, and Smart Recruiting cover quite a bit […]

This year for Atlassian Summit Isos Technology brought a project that combines the practicality of Jira Agile boards with the fun of flailing your arms in frustration in front of an Xbox Kinect. As my first serious and completed project, I was really excited for Summit to hit. I was anticipating seeing the response and […]

Another Atlassian Summit is nearly upon us…where has the time gone? Well, here’s a little recap on how our Atlassian team spent this last year. Atlassian Summit 2013 Though last year’s Summit was the best one so far, we have high expectations for this year!  In case you missed it, here’s a little recap from last […]

You’ve spent a lot of time and money getting your website to the place it is today. It’s years in the making and you’ve added all of these neat features, like a page view counter, and some fun clip art that you’ve spent a lot of time aligning with your content. Oh! Remember that animated […]